feelings about e-cig and thyroiditis???

Hi just wondering if smoking the e-cig effects the thyroid? I gave up smoking 2 years in February but with guidance from the hospital to try e-cigs due to my husband being diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. Im not taking any meds at the moment for my Thyroid as they are not showing up in my bloods but they know i have an enlarged Thyroid due to ultrasound scan plus i've had symptoms with swelling, pain heart racing and slowing. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks x

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  • The link you have supplied is actually refuting the quote you mention below and the article is saying that the quote is wrong and basically it is ok to vape, with little or no side effects????? Questionable info in my opinion! No mention of possible lung damage??

  • Whoops, first thing in the morning, & no specs on.

    I should've relised an e-cig site wouldn't make bad comments on their own products!

  • From the information I know, there is no reason for the Ingredients of ejuice to bother your thyroid. There are 4 ingredients in the eliquid. Food grade flavouring, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine. Now depending on the flavouring that is used, it could have natural and/or artificial flavoring. You can try a non flavoured eliquid but I honestly can't see how it would bother your thyroid unless your sensitive to those ingredients.

  • Why would you want to breathe in anti-freeze? Ok, propylene glycol is not ethylene glycol, but it is still not a good thing to get on your skin or to inhale over a long period of time. And E-cigs stink! Just not like tobacco - more like a dentist.

  • Its not anti freeze. Its also in the tooth paste we brush our teeth with and in a lot of the skin products we use every day.

  • Yes, I know it's not anti-freeze (ethylene glycol), I said so; just a related chemical. I avoid it as far as possible in all my personal care products. Just because some industry gets something classified as "generally recognized as safe" doesn't mean it is good for you (apparently inhaling or getting it on your skin is worse for you than drinking it). And no one independent has tested inhaling it over a period of many years. Studies have shown that it can provoke allergic reactions.

    How about mercury fillings, for example, and all those artificial colourings that used to be considered safe? And doctors used to recommend tobacco for asthma. Anything that makes money for industry ... remember Brussels said bee-killing pesticides are OK.

  • Why was the hospital guiding you to start ecig if you quit 2 years ago?

  • Smoking does actually help underactive thyroid many people are first diagnosed when they give up. I had to increase my thyroid medication when I stopped. My husband stopped as well as has been having the similar symptoms to you see my previous post on this although his TSH is normal. Good luck.

  • I gave up last March 2015, and have been off the ciggies since using E cigs, I have just been diagnosed with hashis, since giving up, and if anything my health has declined since I gave up! So much for how wonderful you'll feel when smoke free!

  • Will continue to be controversial for a long time yet:


    My own view is that people are far too trusting of the suppliers. After all, quite a lot of the commercial side is actually under the control of the tobacco companies. They don't have a very good track record of being truthful.

  • Have never smoked but everything I have read about nicotine says it saps your body of vitamin c and other minerals, nutrients and vitamins and ages you. The e cigs are just as damaging as the others, they were only introduced so that people had an alternative way of having their e fix in places where normal cigarettes are illegal. A way to swerve around the law.

  • Decembersignup, Cigarettes/tobacco are not illegal although there are restrictions on using them in public places.

    Ecigs were invented as an alternative nicotine delivery system to tobacco years before smoking bans were introduced, not to swerve around restrictions on where tobacco may be used. Many public places don't allow vaping or tobacco use.

    While there isn't evidence to say that vaping nicotine via an ecig is not without risk, there is evidence to show vaping nicotine is less damaging than smoking tobacco. It's just been announced that Evoke ecigs will be available on prescription along with other nicotine replacement aids.

  • I saw an article somewhere recently with a diagram that said vaping damages the lungs irreparably, giving you something called " popcorn lung", so I would be wary of it...don't know about the effect on the thyroid.

    Sorry I cannot remember where I saw it, possibly on Facebook...

  • Popcorn lung itself is little appreciated - but would make me very unwilling to work in any place that popped corn (above the amount you might make at home). Or:

    🔴 nylon-flock workers

    🔴 workers who spray prints onto textiles with polyamide-amine dyes

    🔴 battery workers who are exposed to thionyl chloride fumes

    🔴 workers at plants that use or manufacture flavourings, e.g. diacetyl butter-like flavouring

    Vaping dangers:


    Popcorn lung:


  • i had a panic attack about popcorn lung jut before christmas when someone told me i would get it so i asked on a ecig forum, its something to do with flavoring, the culprit is called Diacetyl, so again i panicked and looked at what my supplier used and had a huge releif when they said they didnt use that in their liquids

    Ive felt worse since giving up smoking and have often thought about starting up again, the lung nurse at the drs is happy for me to stay on the ecig and drs in A/E have approved

    so i puff away all day

  • E cigs haven't been around long enough yet for the long term effects to be seen, but I think we can be sure that it will not be all good. Anything foreign that is inhaled is bound, surely, to cause irritation of some kind. As for 'food grade' flavourings - what about all those 'food grade' E numbers that we're all starting to learn about and avoid? The thyroid affects, and is affected by, so many areas of our body that I believe it would be foolish to introduce something like this on such flimsy evidence.

  • I am supposing that although vaping is probably harmful it is better and less poisonous than ciagrettes and tobbacco. I think it is similar to nicotine replacement products on NHs but NHS dont recommend because it is not produced by drug companys.

  • E cigs can dehydrate tho, so make sure you drink plenty

  • I doubt you will find info about the relationship between non-smoked tobacco and hypothyroidism. But you'll find plenty of info about smoked tobacco, e.g.:


  • Hi all and thank you for all your comments. I have smoked for 23 years now and have tried from tablets to patches to gum and even paid £350 on hypnosis. But nothing worked. I'm a full time carer for my husband which is a stressful 24 hour 365 day's every year (17 in total so far lol ). When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes the doctor from the hospital told us that e-cigs was a lot better than cigarettes. But now my health is deterring I really need to kick the habit in the butt!! Not just for my sake but for my husband and our son. I'm now reading allan Carr stop smoking book. Hoping it will have the same effect on me as with all the other people who has written reviews on he's book. Fingers crossed for me and I will let you all know how I get on. But thanks again for all your comments I don't feel so alone with you guy's. Many thanks x

  • If I managed to quit, anyone can. No - it wasn't easy. Yes - I did have human support (very much appreciated). But I did it!

    In the end, I didn't use and support products such as gum or vaping. Simply cut down, meandered along at very low levels, then finally stopped.

  • Everyone told me to stop smoking. I didn't.

    Then when I wanted to. I did.

    I did cheat a little and took B3 vitamins (part of B complex) but that's ok as niacin is the vitamin sort of nicotine.

    Smoking seems to 'mask' hypothyroid effects - well I've read that many times, & many report becoming hypo after quitting - which is really annoying - but was it there beforehand?

    you can do it if you want to... J x

  • Thank you will try B3 vitamins :) will it be just the case of asking pharmacists B3 or are they called something else?

    Many thanks x

  • They're just one of the B complex vitamins - they all work together, B12 is important.

  • Nicotine has actually been found to be good for depression

  • Nicotine is naturally occurring in a lot of foods we eat.

    There are 7000 chemicals in a cigarette compared to 4 in an ecigarette.

    Vaping has been around for 10+ years and no one has died from a direct result of vaping.

    In my honest opinion, if you are that worried about your health the best thing to do is not inhale anything but clean air. But an air purifier to make your home air clean.

    If you can't quit without the need to vape and are still worried, you can look into vaping flavourless eliquid. Its easy to make yourself. You can look into DIY ejuice and order the ingredients online.

  • "Vaping has been around for 10+ years and no one has died from a direct result of vaping. "

    How does anyone know? I don't think many people have died as a "direct result" of tobacco (or mercury fillings) either. From other diseases that may or may not have been caused solely by tobacco, yes. But remember who funds most of the research.

    The death of a man in our local area was linked to vaping.

    and "Dr Thomas Sussan, also from Johns Hopkins, said: “E-cigarette vapour alone produced mild effects on the lungs, including inflammation and protein damage.

    However, when this exposure was followed by a bacterial or viral infection, the harmful effects of e-cigarette exposure became even more pronounced.

    The e-cigarette exposure inhibited the ability of mice to clear the bacteria from their lungs, and the viral infection led to increased weight loss and death, indicative of an impaired immune response.”

    So not a good thing if your immune system is already poor because of Hashi's, for example.

    What about nicotine patches?

  • There are always going to be arguments for and against vaping. The following blog article debunks some of the myths:


    On a personal note, after switching from smoking to vaping, my peak flow went from 495 to 527 and I haven't had a cough in over 3 years.

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