Not really a question just a moan anyone else with these issues???

My TT was booked for next Wednesday, had my pre op this Wednesday, had a phone call today saying my bloods have spiked again so cancelled for a month....grrrrrrrrrr. I am on the highest dose of Carbimazole (60mg a day) and have been since March.....and really wanted to just get on with it. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same issue. My blood tests have been much better the last couple of months so really thought we had it all under Endo is now suggesting I might add something to the carbimazole to try and get the stats down again. Lugol,s Iodine I think it is called. my bloods were at best T4 14.00 (12.00 - 22.00) T3 11.4 (3.9 - 6.7) Best we could get it TSH remains the same at 0.02 (0.27 4.20) at worst T4 51.2 and T3 27.1 same ranges obviously Today they said they were both in the 30,s no idea why . So we begin again. Sigh....

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  • You might find this page of interest:


  • I've just looked at this site and found this sentence:"For reasons we have never understood there is considerable objection to radioactive iodine treatment by United Kingdom patients." Why would that be so hard to understand?

  • As I understand it the Lugol's Iodine is not the same as the radio active iodine....the only reason I have not opted foe the RI is that you have to come off the carbimazole for a few days and that would be disaster for me as 60mg is currently barely suppressing a TT is my best option, I have discussed it at length with my Endo, ( a good one phew) . Thank you for taking the time for me though.

  • Absolutely it is not the same. Lugol's solution would be made with non-radio-active iodine.


  • did it again Rod thanks for that.....

    Iodine itself has a remarkable ability to control thyrotoxicosis. Its effect is short lived but it is useful in patients who are allergic to antithyroid drugs and cannot take beta-blockers (see below). Fourteen days treatment with Lugol's iodine (0.5mls three times a day) will allow the most severe thyrotoxic patient to undergo safe surgery .The effect is short lived and there is a small window of opportunity for surgery.

  • Hi i had my tt 4 weeks ago and was prescribed lugols iodine 3 times a day for 8 days before my op i have recovered well even though i am now hypo and taking levo, so glad the operation is over, trying now to get my tsh level down its over 44, think my endo will be upping my dose soon, hope you get your op soon.

    Linda x

  • Hi Linda, Many thanks for letting me know it all worked out ok. Blimey your TSH is mental , hope that gets sorted out for you ASAP. My TSH is fine it is my T3 and T4 that will not behave, despite my giving them a stern talking to I will be having the Lugol's for 10 tens prior to op. Dates etc all be confirmed for op again so fingers crossed this time.

  • Hi let me know how you get on, when you take the lugols take it in a large glass of milk or juice, it can give youre tongue a burning sensation and its got a funny after taste, but its not so bad so dont worry. Good luck linda

  • thanks for that advice :o) Will let you know how I get on

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