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Anxiety and tingles in my cheeks plus headaches

Have my yearly check on 23/09/13 in oncology department after having thyroid cancer leading to total thyroidectomy in 2011 radioactive iodine treatment after that . I currently take 20mcg of t3 three times a day but since the weekend I have had a constant headache and my anxiety is through the roof and yesterday my face around my cheeks both sides tingled and felt numb which I have never experienced before , saw my gp today who said that as I due to have my bloods done next week for my appointment that untill they done not alot they can do really . Now i not sure if its just a general anxiety thing because its near the check up or due to my medication the face tingling is horrible and I just feel of the planet .Could any one offer any suggestions I would be grateful x

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Hi Chops, All I can say is,I'v had a headache for about a week.Right at the top of my head,over my left eye and below the eye into the ear.I saw my GP yesterday for a routine app.. He said it was nothing sinister but most likely thyroid,as my dose needs adjusting due to T3. Hope it helps.x.



I am hypo and do get the odd numbness on the corner of lip but

I have had a bad headache, earache and pain around the eye, also I have had the numbness and tingling on my cheeks for the past couple of weeks on and off which I have not experienced before, gladly it has eased the past two days so I am hoping it has gone for good. My husband had something similar a couple of months ago and he does not thyroid problems and it eventually went. I am hoping it is just some strange sort of virus.

Hope you soon feel well browny


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