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meds not getting delivered from Greece

hi i was wondering if any body else has had problem ordering t3 to the uk.

i ordered from a place in greece the first order was over a month ago and its still stuck in the HEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC centre. i emailed the sender and they said they will resend it which they did and now the trackers saying its stuck in the dc centre again for like 3 days has any 1 else had this problem?

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May be customs delay. My Thai ndt took about 5 weeks to arrive back in May and was checked by customs only the day before it got to me. Meaning it spent 4 1/2 weeks sitting in a warehouse somewhere. They are slow...


oh ok,thats a long time to wait for a parcel tho but thanks anyway.

and if anyone knows of and contact in the uk could they plz inbox me me thanks mark.



There shouldn't be customs duty on goods sent through the EU. Heathrow Worldwide DC is probably the courier's distribution centre.


ok thanks very much ill just have to wait and see what happens.


I got my t3 from Greece, took a week. It really shouldn't be a problem. Just wondered who your supplier was and if this is the first time you've used them?


sorry to hear about this mark. i've bought ndt from USA - took about 8-10 days to arrive, also bought Thai NDT which took about 12-14 days, and bought T3 from Greece which took only 4-5 days, no duty to pay on any of them.

if you have tracking numbers they will most likely arrive at some point which may not be very helpful but at least you won't lose the money you spent on them.

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