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breathless, tired and choking on food

I have been hypothyroid for about 7 or 8 years, all okay with regular tests. recently noticed breathless and tired, Also noticing i am choking sometimes on my food, this is happening regularly. Any thoughts.

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Two directions to look:

You need an increase in thyroid hormone.

You are low in vitamin B12. (Or indeed, any other form of anaemia, not only pernicious.)

Get your latest test results. Ask for a retest if necessary - including Full Blood Count and B12.

Then ask another question! :-)



I used to choke on my food all the time before I was diagnosed. Now it never happens. I agree with the above comment.


Hi Also have your iron/ferritin checked often just this.However, also important to ask for an ultra sound of the thyroid, common to have enlargement and nodules after a while especially. If nodules, mostly fine but you do need a biopsy, fine needle by a radiologist if any nodules found. My voice also is terrible due to this, can hardly speak.

Best wishes,



My GP reaction to this is ECG and Echogram. All for the sake of re prescribing another 25mg thyroxine


Hi, personally I think it's great you GP going down that road first,with those symptoms it could be non thyroid very easily.IQf they checked and all fine,then maybe time to redo thyroid. Hope all goes well


It could just be a thyroid problem but I would like to know if you suffer with a dry mouth or dry eyes ?

I have like yourself become very breathless with cronic lethargy.....I have been diagnosed with Sjogrens. Jillymo


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