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Advice needed!! Latest blood test results (also TTC) :-)

I just received my latest blood test results in the mail and need some advice!!

TSH 0.03mU/L (Previously 1.30 on 15/2/13 and 2.77 on 28/9/12) (lab recommended range 0.4-4.0 mU/L)

FT4 23pmol/L (Previously 19 on 15/2/13 and 19 on 28/9/12) (lab recommended range 10-20 pmol/L)

FT3 5.6pmol/L (never measured before) (lab recommended range 3.5-6.5)

I know my FT3 is ok but my TSH is low and my FT4 is slightly higher than the recommended range while the TSH is quite a bit lower. BUT, this is the first time in a LONG time that I feel good. I don't have the symptoms I've struggled with for the last 8 years - I'm not cold all the time (I'm actually warm and don't need a jumper 24/7), I don't have a foggy brain (I can finally concentrate on work all day) and I'm not fatigued and exhausted by the end of the day!!

BUT I got a call from my GP today and I know he's going to want to change my meds. I'm currently on 200mcg a day. Oh and I have Hashimoto's.

How problematic are my levels?? Are my TSH and FT4 levels going to be a problem?

The other issue I have and am desperately seeking advice on is that my husband and I are about to start trying for a baby (in the next few weeks) and I'm paranoid about my TSH levels and FT4. I know my TSH should be between 1-2 but I'm not sure what my FT4 levels should be when trying to conceive?? How important is it that my TSH levels increase before we try for a baby?

Thanks in advance xx

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If you are feeling the best you have in 8 years, I would be very reluctant to let my meds be changed. Doctor's have no scientific reason for adjusting doses due to TSH.

This is an archived link and cursor to the question dated July 15, 2006 to read the answer. The answer to the first question may be helpful too:-

Dr Toft (of the British Thyroid Association) says that some hypothyroid people need to have a very low or even suppressed TSH to feel well. (If you need a copy of the Pulse Online article, email

I hope you conceive soon.



Unfortunately, I think you are right and that your doctor may want to reduce your meds.

Some people find that they need a very low TSH and high T4 in order to feel well. This is not the case for everyone, however, and you should keep an eye out for symptoms of feeling over-replaced.

I am not sure about whether having low levels of TSH will affect conception. The general advice seems to be to 'aim' for a TSH of between 1-2. But some people have healthy successful pregnancies outside of these figures.

Not a lot of help, I'm afraid...




I think your levels are PERFECT. I see no reason to change a thing. The most important one is your FT3 and if you reduce your dose, that will go down and you really don't want that. I'm not sure what happens to a higher than normal T4 but I imagine it turns into reverse T3 at least that is what I've read, and that is harmless so I wouldn't worry about it.

"This leads to excess levels of Free T4 and that in turn leads to RT3 being produced and resistance building up. "

But unless you have a problem with resistance, it doesn't really matter.


If your doc wants to reduce your meds DON'T AGREE and certainly do not just sit there and say nothing!! I use the broken record method, 'No thank you, I am fine on the dosage I am taking'' and just keep repeating it till the doc backs down (and they will!!)


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