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Hypothyroidism levels new blood test normal but still symptoms????

Hi all

I was diagnosed hypo in feb 2013 slowly increases in levothyroxine from 25mcg I'm now taking 250mcg daily for about 6 weeks. My first test results were tsh 10.48 free t4 9.5. My symptoms still persist and my recent blood test showed normal? My weight is not coming off despite a calorie controlled diet of 1000 calories -1200 daily plus exercise when I can as work full time with 4 young children. Can anyone explain this to me please? GP apt not until 16 September :-(



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Hi You say normal? Is this the doc or you? You always need to have a print out ( receptionist) of blood results, any. It is your blood ,so you are entitled to it. You must always have the ranges as useless without it as Labs vary.It is early for the higher dose, to be sure, but still I would have another test, if possible, GP or on line ,if desperate. You need a TSH, T4 and Free T3 ( essential) , as weight is usually related to FT3, and other things. The body should convert T4 ( levo) to FT3 but not always efficient, the bloods only tell you that. Normally to feel well, we need T4 in top third of range and FT3 near the top *( never over).this often means T4 and a little T3 both on a script. T3 should be split half dose am and half PM ( 12 hours ideal).Starting dose normally 10 or mostly 20mcg, re test after 5 weeks.Also make sure you have had the other tests you need especially iron/ferritin, see TUK site

Best wishes,



Thank you, I will take your reply to my gp apt and ask him to check what you said. He basically said nothing he can do about my weight. He suggested slimming pills but as I'm already on calorie controlled and low fat iet they won't help! I've got a gastric band too had it 7 years lost 10 stone only to regain 5 whilst undiagnosed with this for over a year! So I am not happy! Thanks for your advice jackie :-) x


Are you still live on here Clare37?


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