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Hypothyroidism normal ??? 3.96 ??

Hey all ,

Quick update . Long story short ,

I was diagnosed hypo with 5.69 in India ( Sep 26th ,2017) and was given 12.5 mcg , it’s very low dosage . I started to have and after 2 weeks Severe leg pain and told to stop tablets and did my blood test again . So I had only 2 weeks of 12.5 mcg tablet and stopped after that.

Got my result today .

So it’s

TSH : 3.96

Was told , I have ferritin 9 which is bit low and asked to take iron supplements. My doctor was happy with my level and asked to take 1 more test after 4 to 6 weeks .

So I had daily these to help my hypo

1 spoon cocunut oil ,

5 Brazil nuts ,

6 olives ,

1 table spoon chai seeds .,( in smoothie )

1 tea spoon Maca powder ( in smoothie )

Pumpkin seeds ,

cut down cabbage , Cali flower , brócoli , soya .

I don’t know wether these things made to help to become normal thyroid . No idea , hope it helps for someone .

But should I continue with these food or can I go with what I love to eat ???


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Apart for the soya, I would say eat what you want. I doubt you eat enough cabbage etc. to affect your thyroid. But soya is bad for everyone, hypo or not.

But, what time did you have that test done? TSH is highest early in the morning - before 9 am - and fasting. It drops throughout the day, and after eating. So, something to remember for your next test. :)

Oh! What, exactly, do you expect the olives to do for your thyroid? I'm curious.


My first test (Sep 26th )in India was around 7 am with fasting result level :5.69 .

My second recent test (31st oct)in Uk at 8:40 with fasting result level :3.96

I have seen on internet the olives has enhancing effect on thyroid. I love olives so I made a routine to eat 5 or 6 per day . I can send you that link on Monday .


Yes, I would be interested to read that, thank you. I have no idea what they mean by an 'enhancing effect'!

If, for some reason, you are on your way to becoming hypo - and it certainly looks that way - I very much doubt that olives, or any other food changes, are going to help. What you need are your antibodies tested.


My only doubt is , I took my test here in UK, after I stopped the tablet for 6 days . So I don’t know wether this reduced level is the effect from 2 weeks of 12.5mcg tablet .

But doctor asked to re test in 4 to 5 weeks . Any ways thanks for the reply . This hypothyroidism sucks😩😩😩


What you need to post are TSH,FT4,FT3, ferritin,folate,B12,D3 with the ranges when ypu get them.


Hey ya,

TSH : 3.69 ( Uk )

FT4: 1.31( this Level was from test in India last month . Didn’t include this test here , not sure why , may be since I showed my india report in GP they neglected it ??

FT3: No one took this test . Don’t know why ,

Ferritin : 9

B12 : 576

Folate : >24.2

D3 :??? Is this vitamin D?? Yet to get this result , was told it’s next week



I really don't think that 2 weeks at 12.5 mcg would have raised your levels at all. So, being off it won't have had much effect, either. But, you'll get a clearer idea when you have your next test. :)

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Yes can’t wait for a month to test again and get some peace . I don’t have have any symptoms as of now . So need to wait for next test.

Thanks for that .


You're welcome. :)


If you had no symptoms why did you get tested in the first place, in India? Were you on holiday or something?

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Yes in India was my first test . I went to test as I had a fever and body ache for a week . So We went for blood test and I also asked to check related test for my conception. They found my thyroid and prolactin was elevated and was given the tablet for both .

For thyroid 12.5mcg dosage as it was 5.69 level . Took just for 2 weeks and stopped as I got Severe leg pain . Since then no tablets but I am ok now with no symptoms.



Well, that's good that you are well now. More information when you have your next test. Make your you get FT3 and FT4 checked.


Sure will ask to test next time . Don’t why they don’t include ft3 and ft4 this time . Thanks for that


In UK, if TSH is in normal range, they don't test FT3 and FT4 unless you are on levothyroxine.


Aww ok thanks for that info .


You are welcome 🤗


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