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Pains in back of leg - hypo/Hashi's?

Hi, not sure if this is typical of hypo/Hashi's but I've been getting strange pains in the back part of my thigh - not in the area by my hamstring but more lateral. Reading into it sounds like meralgia paraesthetica as the symptoms I have are very much similar but is it more commonplace in people with Hashi's or hypo? I haven't put on a huge amount of weight and I'm still very slim so I can't see it being a weight issue.

Symptoms are:

* Pain on the outside of the thigh.

* Burning and numbness in the same area.

* Feeling of bee-stings in the area - this is what the site I looked at described it as but I relate the pain to feeling of elastic bands constantly snapping against the area.

* Aching in the groin area/buttock.

The site from which I read up about it has said it's nerve damage and not muscle injury. It does happen whether I'm mobile or not and has woken me from my sleep once or twice. Can anyone advise?

Thanks!! x

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Hi - I concur this is likely symptom of condition - but it might not be and should be checked-out.

I'm auto-immune hypo. I get odd muscle pains, tingles like large-area, mild nettle sting except only slight redness on legs: also leg muscles sometimes get 'itchy'. Always occurs when I'm experiencing some short periods of hypo fatigue.

I associate it partially with anything upsetting my T3 intake - e.g. stomach not empty when I take second dose of the day. I have similarly afflicted near relative, but Drs won't give them T3 - their muscle symptoms are more severe.


Hi Alasdair thanks for your response.

Yes, the mild nettle-like stings I get also except no redness. I also get aches and pains in my right shin - almost like bone pain. My right kneecap was very sore/tender as if I've bashed it but I know that I haven't.

Unfortunately I'm not on T3, only T4 and no one else I know of in my family has auto-immune hypo. My great-nan was probably suspected of having it as she used to spend a lot of time napping and eating a lot of sweets/fattening stuff without putting any weight on. My dad I know nothing about so I can't tell if I've acquired anything from him. Mum is diabetic and has MS (I've been tested for diabetes and I don't have it) and nan is diabetic with RA. Grandad has inherited aneurysms (and had stent graft surgery for them). It's just weird how my condition has sort of come about! I go to the doctor and they're scratching their heads over why I have a high anti-TPO count and a fluctuating TSH. They sent me a letter saying they've accepted what I have is autoimmune but they don't know what's caused it. I assume that's because I have no genetic link at all.

Take care

Jo xx


Hi Jo -

As (touch wood) my condition is under control for the moment - I'm at end of fifth year - I'd forgotten about getting pain apparently behind my kneecap.

As to family links and causes; only things we could come up with re self and relative were one-time cigarette smokers (me 20 years stopped) and being very susceptible to prolonged and nasty throat infections. Consultant offered possibility that infection in or in immediate region of the gland attracts the immune response, but system confuses infected gland for alien tissue and then permanently learns that it is now 'foreign'. Experience bears this out to some extent - I had rough period last winter and all started to be unpredictable and 'hypo-like' after I had Measels-like infection, which lasted over two weeks - assuming that 'woke-up' my immune system, which then went to lunch on what little functioning gland I have left.

Sorry not to reply sooner, but the imminent arrival of another 7000+ students means lots of I.T. work - guess where I get the throat infections from?-)




Hi Alasdair thanks for your answer. No worries about late reply!!! :) Hope the throat infections sort themselves out!!! Must be hard to avoid due to your job!

Yes, I get pain to the side of my kneecap. I get pain that's worse in my right leg and hardly any in my left, but I get excruciating hip/groin pain in both hips. I didn't suspect anything at first as I had an operation on my right hip tendon.

I had damage to the iliopsoas tendon from something called Snapping Hip Syndrome. Only present in dancers/athletes but I'm neither of those things which was what had stumped the GP for 6 years!!! I thought the same thing had occurred to my left one but the pain was different. With the Snapping Hip Syndrome it produced dull pain but evolved into sharp pain if the tendon had locked into my hip socket before snapping back out of it again. The pain in my left hip was like what you described, stinging nettle sensation so I knew it was not the same thing causing it. And now the same thing's happening again with my right one.

Do you get any pain/swelling in your arm/s at all? I went to have a shower today and I wasn't using my right arm at all when it hurt. Kind of like stinging nettle sensation again, I guess. Also the muscle at the outside of my lower arm (when I turn the arm out) seems and feels fatter than that of my left. Although I'm slim I've got pretty defined muscle but I'm sure it wasn't defined that much!!


Jo xxx


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