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Success at last!

Ladies and gentlemen fellow sufferers

I have finally worn down my GP and they've allowed me an endo referral! Not only that I requested an additional hospital choice so that I might have a chance to see Dr S B and got it! I now have to wait until July but that is such a short time compared to the 4 years of suffering I have endured when I almost resigned myself to this life of pain and an early demise!, I don't know if I will ever regain my ability to tramp the shops for an entire glorious day, take my dogs for a walk or just enjoy a trip with my family where walking is involved but I have hope now for the first time in years. Hallelujah! So many thanks to everyone for their help in providing assistance and for just being there. You are my lifeline in the darkest of my suffering and pain when I feel so sorry for myself. I hope to bring some cheer to all of you soon too. Good luck to us all with this insidious under recognised and vile condition which robs us of so much of life's enjoyment

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Well done :-)


Really pleased for you Warren, a light at the end of the tunnel!



terrific news warren , just goes to show that YOU CAN DO IT , good luck with your appt. [ your already half way through that damn tunnel ] . keep us informed of how well your getting on ---well done for standing up for yourself and forcing the issue.....alan


Good for you,

That is who i see



I hope you will let us know what is different in the treatment you receive. It would be very helpful especially if it is just a matter of a slight dose increase or a switch from one medication to another. It is not an expensive disease comparatively speaking which makes it twice as troubling that a person should suffer for four years.


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