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worst doctor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

went to doctor again, sat cried my eyes out told him how hard it all was to be left like this on 50 gm and that blood tests not taken properly , please please help me maybe refer me on ?????????????????? he weighed me told me to go online and check out diets and offered me anti depressants ,?????????????????????, told him bloods from last two months show i am anaemic, he said lets wait and see next results???????????????????????????? i now give up,asked him what would happen if i stopped taken my tablet each day? he said well nothing but you will get fatter????????? so maybe thats what i shall now do

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Hi lola1956,

I apologise that I don't know your full story, however in some respect your doctor is right by saying to look at your diet as anemia can be controlled by diet rather than taking B12 or Iron Supplements. Obviously anemia is not a sign to put you on higher doses of thyroxine and therefore hasn't done so.

Hope that you manage to find the answers your looking for. x


Lola- put this on your other post or it will cause confusion having two threads on the same topic.

Also you will have repeat post your results.

You can edit to remove your own posts.


Ow Lola I really feel for you. Maybe you should see a different doctor, not just because you feel that your not progressing but us thyroid sufferers need a bit of understanding :(

Hang on in there sweetie, it does take a long time, but worth it in the end x

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Hi Lola,

Go and see another Doctor and if that doesn't work go and see another -that's what I had to do & many of us on the Forum. Keep fighting, Pampam.


lola, I have just replied to you on your other post after you gave me the FT4 range, please read it and act too, you have nothing to lose but your ill health. You must do something as this present doctor seems useless.

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Lola, don't ever take your meds before a blood test. It will be a false high.


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