After putting on a stone in weight in the last year, I have to consider going back on the 5/2 diet. A year ago, when on it, I found it hard but just managed it. However, I didn't seem to be losing anything. Since stopping it & coming off hrt though, I have found the weight has piled on. Very depressing. Especially as up until my 40's, before developing an underactive thyroid, I had a great metabolism & couldn't put weight on if I tried. Feel like the hypothyroidism plus menopause is like a double whammy that's almost impossible to combat! I've also been a vegetarian for over 20yrs. I like the odd choc but wouldn't say I over eat. So feel I've no choice but to try the 5/2 or possibly 4/3 to actually achieve weight loss. Also found memory worse with this condition. I've just read that fasting produces more reverse t3 esp on those with hypothyroidism & so counteracts weight loss by slowing everything down even more! What is the answer?

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  • Before you start dieting you need to be sure your thyroid levels are optimal, or no amount of dieting will help. Have you got your latest results?

  • Yes, I had levels tested & it was found I was slightly low. So they were raised from 75 a day to 75 alternating with 100. Having been on this revised dose for some months now; am still putting on weIght. 😐

  • Are your vitamin B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D levels optimal as well? Without these your thyroid hormones won't work properly in addition you will feel so awful it will be impossible to stick to the diet.

  • Thanks. It's beginning to look as though what you may think will help, could actually make things worse. I do take b vitamins & occasionally zinc & magnesium. What you say rings true as was quite tough on the 5/2 when I did it previously; but cannot stand this weight gain.

  • Limbolass Can you start a new thread on your issues please? That way no one will miss your posts and you will get the advice you need.

  • Gluten-free works well for many hypo people, plus no processed foods at all. Don't cut calories too much or exercise hard or you'll reduce your T3 to a point where you put weight on instead. Instead of doing a strict 5:2, you could try restricting eating hours to a 10-12 hour period each day.

  • Also, gluten free may well reduce inflammation and help with memory loss.

  • Thanks. Sounds definitely worth trying.

  • Do you have high thyroid antibodies? Hashimoto's - Both TOP and TG antibodies need checking - can be high in ether or both.

    If Hashimoto's then many of us find adopting 100% gluten free diet may help improve symptoms.

    Vitamin D, B 12, folate and ferritin all need to be at good (often above average) levels

    Also as you are vegetarian AND have thyroid problem it is very important to have B12 checked. Vitamin B complex unlikely to give enough B12.


  • That's interesting about the vitamin B complex. I had a test some years ago, but the results came back OK. I maybe ought to get them checked again. I don't eat too many processed foods & have wondered about changing the bread as I do get bloating; but again I don't eat very much bread. Thank you for all the helpful comments. Got to change the way things are presently!

  • Have you had your FT3 tested? If that is low, nothing is going to make you lose weight on a sustainable basis. It's low T3 that causes symptoms, like weight-gain, but the NHS refuses to test it! I'm not saying that T3 is a weight-loss 'drug', but you do need optimal levels in order to be able to lose it.

    So, first step to wellness, get your FT4 and FT3 privately tested, at the same time, so that we can see if you're are converting or not. My guess is, though, that you just haven't got enough to convert! You're still on a starter dose.

  • It would be good to know the t3 levels. I've always wondered why I still have so many symptoms when they say I'm on the right dose. Made me wonder if that's just the way it is, in that the synthetic hormone is just a poor replacement for the real thing. Would be nice to think possibly if it's a t3 problem that the medication might help more.

  • Well, to know that, you'll have to have a private test, I'm afraid.

    Perhaps synthetic hormone doesn't suit you, we're all different. But, the only way to find out is to try something else. I tried just about everything possible, until I found that I need T3 only - even though it's synthetic. And, once I got on a decent dose of that, the weight just fell off. I didn't diet, I didn't exercise. I can't exercise because of my breathing, so we all have our little weak points! lol But, yes, it's all a question of trial and error.

    But, you won't get any help from your doctor on that, because he just doesn't know enough about it. None of them do. But, a good place to start for you would be to get onto a decent dose of levo. You can't expect much in the way of results from 75/100. Something else that doctors don't know!

  • Your post has given me hope! How wonderful that you found a solution. I'm so grateful for all replies. I was beginning to wonder if I just had to resolve myself to being like this. I now feel I've got some options to explore. Thanks 😊. I shall update on any progress.

  • Good luck! :)

  • The only diet that has really worked for me is low carb, cutting out potatoes, pasta, bread, any flour produce and increase veggie intake. I am a meat eater but being vegetarian is not a problem. It does work but keeping to it is another story, I managed for over two years losing a stone and a half but sadly have fallen off the band wagon this year due to giving in to my sweet tooth. If you can stick with it you would find it worth it. See diet doctor for advice.

  • I eat potatoes, but no processed foods, and am pretty much vegan, so you can do it. Don't miss any of it. Apparently potatoes contain resistant starch which is a good thing (if you are not sensitive to nightshades) and I have to get calories from somewhere.

  • I also have tried every diet since being diagnosed with under active thyroid in my mid 40s and after losing 7lbs or so every time it's as if my body says "enough" and I start to put it back slowly. I know exactly how you feel as everybody just thinks you have stopped dieting so put the weight back. The only successful diet I tried was Lighterlife for 3 months and lost three stone which is starvation 600 calories daily, not recommended as weight does go back on when you up calories. I haven't tried 5/2 so if you say this worked for you, am thinking that perhaps reduced calorie intake 2 or 3 days a week might be the answer. What do you think ?

  • I do hope so. It's not easy to do, but unless I do something I'll be in trouble. I really can't afford to put on a stone a year!

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