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Fast Diet - 5:2


Has anybody tried this diet - I bought the book today and just wondered whether by fasting (although you are allowed 600 cals on the fast days) it would kick start the metabolism?

For anyone who hasn't heard of it, you eat normally for 5 days of the week and then cut right back for two further days, these days don't have to be consecutive so can be fitted in around your week.

I don't normally go for fad diets, but after having tried WW and SW and loosing only a couple of pounds in weight but far more in money!, I thought I'd give it a try. :-)

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I and a number of people have tried it on here. Ive found it very good as has my other half who has lost a stone and a half so far. Its easy to do and the thought that its just for one day at a time gets you through to the next day. BTW its 500 calories for ladies and 600 for men!


Its very good ! The only diet i have realy stuck too, hope you do well if you give it a go x x


I have just started it. I lost 1lb the first week and I am now on my second week. I will post how I get on after a few weeks. I only have about 10lb to lose so it wont be massive amounts but it is hard to shift it.

I didn't get the book - just following the basic principle of 500 calories twice a week. It is easier than I thought, especially because you know you just have to get through one day at a time then you can eat normally. I have found things like crispbread with Laughing Cow extra light quite satisfying


I wonder how many people in years to come will call this another fad, just like all the others?

Good luck.


Eat less -exercise more-simple.


So, celticlady, how do you do that if you are being undertreated for thyroid problems? I have no thyroid and have been on less thyroxine than many who actually still have a thyroid.

Please could you help? I really want to lose weight. I weight 11st 4lbs and I eat around 1100 caries a day, and when I try to exercise I almost pass out. If you have overcome problems of this sort, your input could really benefit quite a few of us.

Any suggestions would really be welcome on how I can overcome these problems. My heart is damaged due to under-treatment by the way.

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I've been on the 5:2 diet for a few months now and it's the only one to have worked for me. I've lost 22lbs so far. I can't recommend it enough.


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