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Could I have Hashitoxicosis?

I started taking T3 about 4 months ago. I had reduced T4 from 150mcg to 100mcg and had built up to 30mcg T3 (split into 3 doses), and then, as I still didn't feel any better, the Endo suggested I take 25mcg twice a day, 12 hours apart. (When I first took T3, I felt fantastic but then it wore off after about two weeks and I have increased the dose slowly since then.)

I wasn't sure if I needed to increase my T3 to 25mcg twice a day slowly. So this morning on waking I took an additional 5mcg - making it 15mcg, with the intention of then taking 10mcg at noon and another 10mcg at 5.00pm to see how I got on and then moving on to 25mcg twice a day, 12 hours apart as he suggested. After taking the 15mcg this morning I felt a little 'wobbly and spaced out (like I'm not here)' but still feel very tired and have low mood, but will try the 25mcg twice a day tomorrow. I have now taken the noon 10mcg and still feel the same (wobbly and spaced out).

I looked back at my blood test results taken originally and I see that my Thyroid Peroxidase level was 195 iu/ml <60, and my Receptor Antibody level was 0.42 (< 0.4) and I wonder if this is where the diagnosis came in that I had hyperthyroidism (this is what my doctor told me) when I was told originally that I have Hashimotos'. Could it be that I have Hashitoxicosis? Could this be why I am not responding particularly well to the T3 or is it that I am just not on a large enough dose of T3 yet?

I wonder if I should get my Thyroid Peroxidase level and Receptor Antibody levels done again to see if any change has occurred to the readings?

If it is Hashitoxicosis, what is the treatment for this please and does anyone else have similar symptoms?

Any thoughts/advice would be really appreciated.

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Hi Katkin, I am not entirely aufait with hashitoxicosis and I am sure someone else with more experience in this field will be along soon to comment.

However I am also on a T4/T3 combo, started beginning of July, 100mcg T4 & 20mcg of T3. My original dose of T4 only was 112.5mcg.

My first day on the recommended dose was not good. I had thought at the time that 100mcg of T4 was too high on the basis that T3 is 3 to 4 times stronger that T4. I reduced my dose of T4 to 75mcg and reduced the T3 to 15mcg - for me it was too much too quickly. I have tried a few other combinations but not gone over 75mcg of T4. I do keep a check on my pulse to see that heart rate is not high, but my personal experience is that I feel better on less.

If you look at your original dose of 150mcg of T4 and you multiply the 30mcg T3 by, say 3, that gives you the equivalent of 90mcg of T4, which added to the 100mcg T4 gives you 190mcg which is higher than your original dose. Anyway this is the way I have worked it out and it is only my opinion, but hope it may help. best wishes, Janx


Hi Kat, I've been wondering. What happens to all the T4 if you are taking enough T3 to provide your body with all it needs for the next 12 to 24 hours. Does T4 keep keep piling up if not needed, does it flush out, how much can you store, or what? I really haven't read much about that aspect except that it does give hyper symptoms. I am more inclined to cut back on the T4 but have no real reason.


I don't know if the links within this post will help:-


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