Hashimotos and Gluten

I´ve been looking into the effects of a Gluten free diet and the reversal of symptoms and antibodies and there have been quite a few impressive claims among the bloggers backing each other up and confirming among themselves that such a diet greatly improved their health. Go to the end of the article to view the comments


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  • ..the health of the gut is the key to wellness....and is often behind many auto-immune conditions. Leaky Gut syndrome and general Dysbiosis being the cause. Inflammation is at the source of heart disease and this too can start in the gut. I was diagnosed with Crohns some 40 years ago so have had to learn the hard way !! I am not completely gluten free but am careful. VitD has been a great help to healing my gut as it is anti-inflammatory. The second highest amount of T3 receptors are in the gut lining so good T3 levels are also needed. The brain has the most T3 receptors.... Thank you for your post.

  • and thank you for your reply

  • Hi Terry

    I agree with everything Marz says. Although I did quite well on levo, and better once vitamin D supplements were added, I always had the feeling that I could be better. Last November I decided there was nothing to be lost by giving up gluten for a trial period. The difference has been amazing - after 4 years of illness I am pretty much my old self again. And the added benefit is that I've lost 16lbs without even feeling as if I'm on a diet - so excellent for morale. At first gf eating is difficult and frustrating, then it just becomes a way of life. I'd never go back. Are you contemplating trying it?


  • Great news, now this posting of yours has just encouraged me even more, just phsyching myself up for the start of a non gluten diet.

  • Any questions, just let me know. There some good help from Gluten Free Gorillas - a sister website to this site on Health Unlocked. Look in the "Communities" tab at the top of the page.

  • are you still producing thyroid antibodies despite being on the Gluten free diet

  • My antibodies climbed from 258 iu/mL (0-59) when I was diagnosed in 2009 to 478.8 IU/mL (0.00 – 5.61) in November 2012, just before I went guten free. I last had them tested in February 2013, just 3 months into the GF regime - I have to do this privately as my GP won't do it - and there was a small decrease to 462.42 IU/mL (0.00 – 5.61). I thought this was a good sign and I'm just at the point of thinking it may be worth a further test to check if the decrease has contiued. I've deliberateky left it quite a while and of course I'm hoping there may be a significant decrease this time. I will let you know once I get the test done.

  • I want to start this diet asap as i´m noticing some changes in my throat and have a nodule there too, but am not sure whether to do a candida diet or leaky gut as they are quite similar, but will try that site you suggested, many thanks

  • would apreciate that because there would be absolutley no point in depriving myself of the things I love if the objective of getting my antibodies down doesn´t produce results. Do you consume potatoes and alcohol ?

  • Yes to potatoes, no to alchol - I gave it up a few years ago as I just didnt need anything in my life that made me feel worse, and I started to find that even drinking one glass of wine in the evening felt llike a whole bottle next morning. Now I don't miss it at all - a bit like gluten really!

  • Just watched tube vid on healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

    It explains that 20% of T3 production occurs in the gut and probiotics needed.

    I use prebiotics [Kefir] as a better source production.

    I feel better on gluten free and sure this assists gut function.

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