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doctors tomorrow!

and im worried im going to clam up, waffle a load of rubbish and totally forget my plan to persuade her to up my dose of eltroxin from the measly 50mcg...

not sure if she will do bloods as its only 3 weeks since last ones (tsh 2.57 t4 16.1)

but im feeling awful at the mo so really hope she will listen to my symptoms.

Plan to take Dr Tofts book

but any other advice is greatly appreciated.

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forgot to add, i took my meds before last test by accident, but wont be tomorrow. It will be well over 24 hrs since last meds when/if i have test at 10am. Would it have made a big difference last time?


It can make a considerable difference to FT4. But usually not much difference to TSH.



I am like this everytime I go to the drs armed with a list of things to say show him and then don't.come home feeling quite low and tearful as he don't listen or give me reassurance.


Write down what you want to say, use bullet points to keep it simple. You could make your notes in the back of Dr Tofts book if you wanted.

Someone on here once said they made a copy for their doctor too and gave it to them when they went in which is a good idea too.

When I wanted my levo raised recently and it was within the range I said I knew I was within the range but the range was so ridiculously wide that it was almost mpossible not to fit into it somewhere and That I didn't think I was at the optimal level for me because I had felt good before and I thought with an increase I would feel good again. I was on 75 mcg at the time and my doctor then let me alternate between 75 and 100 which seemed to do the trick.

Good luck x


Good luck tomorrow! Just highlight and fold the corner pages of the Dr Antony Toft book. Print and highlight symptoms from Thyroid UK site. Have a piece of paper with bullet points for any questions you have. They won't repeat tests until 3 months has passed.


Thanks! I live in ireland and the testing policy is up to the practise.


I had very similar numbers to you and got an increase to 75 mcg by using Dr Toff book and saying lets trial it. Hope it works for you too.


Thats great, thanks so much!


Page 41 Dr Toft's book if she is difficult.


Write down everything you want to mention. Do it in a neat and orderly way so it's easy to read. Leave space to write your answers and tick off when you have mentioned something. This will help you come back to things that you have not got an answer from the GP about and not be fobbed off. If you can, take someone with you and give them a list of the questions too, so that if you get upset they can speak and know exactly what you want to say. Try not to moan or whinge, try to speak in clear terms about your symptoms and what you want the outcome to be.

I know exactly where you are coming from and the above is how I have found I get the best result from the appointment. Good luck x


I got my increase!! Thank you all lovelies for your advice and input. My usual doc was away and saw a locum who is a bit 'old school' but certainly listened, agreed i had been on a low dose for quite a while and increased me to 75. Not without a warning lecture on the perils of overmedication, mind you! Lol.

She also looked at my old results from april 2011, and said my t4 then was low in the range at 12 (10.5-22), could this have been the start of the illness? Even though my tsh was normal. I got pregnant the following january and had a hellish first 3 months, i felt so ill, mood swings and like i was going insane. I askef my doctor then to do a thyroid test but she refused saying levels are off in pregnancy anyway.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

And thanks again lovely people!!


Well done :-)


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