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unsympathetic doctors


feel,would words explain the feeling when you walk out of you doctors feeling let down,umsypathetic to my needs.went back to my GPS this morning to ask him to retrack my sick note that l really needed to start from today ,until sunday.I was 3 days short as he over lapped it from Thursday as when I last saw him,so bulchie,kind of bullying.saying he wouldn't retrack,he gave me 7 days from when I last saw him,No you can go to work on Friday,the reason I had work off in the frist place was cos of stress at work that really built up over a year,my other half said go off sick other wise your gonna be ill.why is it doctors don't listern,are we just cash cows for them.Ive been at this pratice for maybe 4/5 months now.wont go into full detail.but there not looking after me thyroid/hashi.......bloods ,when ask they say im ok ,when Im clearly not,Im tearful sittimg here,that not right,so Ive just gone back to my old surgery and reregistered back with them.

the receptionist,pulled me round the back as she saw I was upset,stateing this isn't like you.I had no reason to change gps ,it was my other half that wanted to change,I should have not changed.sorry off loading,spelling might be alful as delixic.maybe should have a cry and feel better.have to go see doctor thurs for sick note for remander days left out of sick note..........don't feel well.

sorry going on,but had to off load xx

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Hi sue11,

It's no wonder you are tearful and upset. When we are not on the correct dose/medication we cannot feel otherwise. The thyroid hormones control everything in our body and unless we have enough of them, nothing in our body doesn't work properly.

The receptionist at your old practice sounds nice and sympathetic, it is what you need. Ask your GP not just to give you a sick note but to give you a good full Thyroid Function Test too ask if he will test T3 as well.Also vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if you haven't had them recently.

Some labs may not do T3 if your TSH is o.k.

Get a blood test as early as possible as our TSH is highest then and don't take levothyroxine onthe morning of the blood test until afterwar. If you take levo at bedtime, miss this dose and take next day.

Arrogant doctors seem to be ten a penny these days. Where has compassion gone - out with clinical symptoms in preference to the computer printout for TSH.

sue11 in reply to shaws

hi shaws.I recently posted my recent bloods on here,my RBC has been abnormal for 2 blood test now,the doctor that I was under when I spoke to him on this said,usual......nar nothing to worry about,I know Im not shaws,I haven't felt right for ages,if you can find my bloods ,sure yourd find em.but sitting here reply bk to you the front of my head hurts,also at the back aswell,

sue11 in reply to sue11

sorry thank you for your empathy, greatly received. xx

shawsAdministrator in reply to sue11

You can ache all over if not on the right medication. I will have a look to find your bloods but am not good at reading them, so may repost for you if I am successful.

sue11 in reply to shaws

thank you.would be grateful. xx

shawsAdministrator in reply to shaws

I have found your previous blood tests and the GP has done an enormous amount of them. Clutter responded re your RBC as:

"Your RBC count seems consistently high, although it is only slightly over range now."

so there doesn't seem to be a big problem with it. This is a link if anyone who looks into this posts want to comment:-


Taking Vitamin C with your levothyroxine can help convert levo. It may be worth a try.

I can tell you that when I was on levothyroxine alone I was never well. I was ill everyday, every hour, all night. Other people do fine on levo and have never been on our forum as there is no need and unaware that there is/can be problems with it.

Even though your TSH is o.k. that doesn't explain to the GP how unwell you are feeling.


I think if the GP reads the following excerpt about a defective gene he may be willing to ask for a T3 only blood test.

This is a part of report that some of us may have a gene which doesn't allow the body to convert properly. You could discuss this with your GP. He may be unaware of it too:-

"Some people do not convert their thyroxine adequately into T3. This could be due to lack of certain vitamins and minerals or possibly due to a faulty gene. The DIO2 gene was researched in 2009 and the results were published in the paper entitled, "Common Variation in the DIO2 Gene Predicts Baseline Psychological Well-Being and Response to Combination Thyroxine Plus Triiodothyronine Therapy in Hypothyroid Patients" by V Panicker, P Saravanan, B Vaidya, J Evans, A Hattersley, T Frayling & C Dayan - jcem.endojournals.org/content/94/5/1623.full.pdf+html

The researchers found that patients on levothyroxine (T4) alone felt worse if the faulty DIO2 gene was inherited through one parent and worse still if they inherited the faulty gene from both parents.

The patients on this study were given T4 only for a set period and then combination treatment of both T4 and T3. The patients who had normal genes did not feel any different on combination treatment. However, those who had one faulty gene felt better on the combination treatment and those with both faulty genes felt better still.

This means that there is a possibility that patients who are on levothyroxine alone and still have symptoms may improve with the addition of T3.

Because this faulty gene causes a deficiency of T3 within the cells, the usual thyroid hormone function tests will not show up a problem. This means that your TSH, FT4 and FT3 blood tests will look normal.

The researchers concluded, “Our results require replication but suggest that commonly inherited variation in the DIO2 gene is associated both with impaired baseline psychological well-being on T4 and enhanced response to combination T4/T3 therapy, but did not affect serum thyroid hormone levels.” This means that some people do not convert but this doesn’t show in their blood tests.

You can print off the page if you have a printer.


Thyroid UK is now working with a laboratory that does this test – Regenerus Laboratories Ltd. For more information on the DIO2 test and how to get tested click here click here"


sue11 in reply to shaws


thank you for information will show this to doctor....(at my old surgery....which gone bk to and already registered) shes ok,been very understanding in the past with me.

shaws your a gentleman,so kind in taking the time to help me,your thoughtfulness is appriated.

so thankful for people on here as you,help people like me to gather awareness in our conditions.

I feld down as you read,it helped you egknowleging me .....thanks again xx

shawsAdministrator in reply to sue11

You are already one up - you know this GP so that's a good start. When you begin to get better, you can also help others who have a similar problem to yourself. Knowledge is power and you have more knowledge now than before. Like me I didn't even know where the Thyroid gland was located. I certainly know now.

sue11 in reply to shaws

with respect to you shaws, you wouldn't be an Administrator without knowing nothing........yes I have learnt loads on here,well ...understand better,as you helped me today.......Angles come to us in different ways...lol.....


shawsAdministrator in reply to sue11

We aren't medically qualified only ordinary members with a thyroid disease who have been asked if we want to help out.

sue11 in reply to shaws

you have knowledge,thats good enough for me,as you said.....

your awear enough to be able to help people out.

shaws you lifted my sprits today on your dedication in helping people on here

big thank you xx

hi sue , I think -- and its just my thinking here -- you need to get together with you hubby to INSIST to whatever g.p. that your immediate health is THE most important factor here [ your hubby sounds like he's a little clued up ] ....and you HAVE TO HAVE THE CORRECT DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT ......as well as the empathy that this involves ................. with you and your hubby on the case properly YOU WILL GET THERE .....never ever forget that your health will affect him as well in his home life -- so he should want to get there as well as you , and he will always want you to be where you should be ........as stated earlier you MUST have t3/t4/foliate /vitd etc checked [ our g.p. always states on the blood form --- tests requested by consultant , they are always carried out ----] your situation can then have a correct diagnosis and treatment plan .....hope this may be of help to you ........alan xxx

sue11 in reply to alangardner

hi Alan,think you misunderstood in what Ive wrote, or perhaps its how I wrote it.........he wanted to move doctors,he got fed up on certain things..........so we moved to new doctors.

at the doctors is what happened to what I wrote about that upset me.in what acured this morning at the doctors I relised I wouldn't be looked after,mentailly,empathiclly,or as what a doctor should be concerned my well being.

so I went back to my old doctors to where I was before I left.my husband is happy ,Ill be happy back at my old surgery,as rejoined .I had my conerns in regards to my health, that the doctor wasn't egknowledgeing with my bloods. HE wasn't forth coming when I mentioned my RBC ,which have been abnormal twice with the bloods Id had done from them,alright isn't ok with me ,espicALLY WHEN Im feeling unwell.........even my TSH was abnormal,even with the lab range,but Im still ok, not after tablets,just to live well,wont go to long winded,but Ive made the right decision to go back to my old pratice,which is right for me, hope this explains ,as from what you wrote ,by me explaining you might understand that I took actions that I thought where I would get treatment for my own well being.....just to high light something else. my bloods showed I had abnormal foliate,which I was taking the tablets,its so anorgning.........the doctors didn't say anything,my response is Ive done the right thing.

thank you for replying,was kind, thank you

alangardner in reply to sue11

hi sue, aint got the time now , unfort- but I will reply later .......you will get there girl ,,,,, just keep on keeping up ......blog you later ......alan xxx

hi there sue , sorry for the delay in replying but ive had yet more probs with this damn system ---- I;m a confirmed techno idiot == and proud === ...... all I was trying to say was that you need to get through this together with your hubby , and if the 2 of you can work together you will have a far better chance of getting out of that bloody great tunnel to a reasonable state of health ......after all he has a reason =====he loves you [ and you him ] ......alan xxx

I am so sorry you are being minimized, and have experienced the same.

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