been to doctors....update!

hi all,

went to doctors earlier who confirmed pregnancy, she was very efficient, took bloods and will have results back tomorrow to see if i need an increase in thyroxine yet. although im on 100 levo i take 125 sometimes, took extra today (yes, i took meds early this morning before bloods, i know your not supposed to!), am just wondering if that will make my bloods look better than they actually are?

She wants me in for bloods every 2 weeks for first 12 weeks, which i know is very good. Asked her about nutri thyroid but she hadnt heard of it and advised me not to take them as she had no idea if they are safe in pregnancy or not?? im a bit upset as they were working wonders!!

If anyone can shed any light i would be very grateful...

Tia xx

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  • she has also said i will be under the care of an Endo.

  • Could you refer to the person that prescribed the Nutri-Thyroid ? Sounds as if you are making good progress. Congratulations by the way - hope all goes well.....

  • i just ordered it myself off amazon Marz....its really helping...ive only been taking it a month but that happened to be the month i concieved, after a good while trying! ;)

  • Great, congratulations! I can't see that nutri thyroid would be an issue, they are a natural product from safely reared animals. I'm no expert, mind, but if they help I wouldn't have thought they would do any harm

  • thankyou!! it says on their website: during pregnancy not to be taken except under the care of a practitioner...??? seeing as my doctor has never heard of them thats not very x

  • No suprise there then! It seems to me they had helped, if you've managed to get pregnant. :-)

  • thats what i think...but then if i keep taking them and something bad happens i will always wonder if its cos i took them!! im a worrier....

  • Can you not phone the company that manufacturers the and ask - they will usually have a helpline.

    If not then I would stop taking them - the less you take when pregnant the better for baby.

    Huge big Congratulation to both you and your partner.

    Moggie x

  • thanks Moggie, great idea, just got the number! x

  • Ask them to email you through something so that you can take it to your GP - list of ingredient etc - that way your GP will know exactly what she is dealing with.

    Moggie x

  • thankyou Moggie xx

  • Just spoke to lady at nutri, she said dont take them as they havent been tested. Thats that then.....:(

  • Oh well, at least you know now. And your gp sounds like she will look after you. Good luck xx

  • congratulations to you both , I would gain as much info as I could and give copies/sites etc. directly to your doctor and state that if they are not up to speed with it they need to research and gain the knowledge that they lack at this time ....... it will help them in the future ..... hope your looking forward to the happy event .....alan xxxx

  • thanks Alan...the ridiculous guidelines here (ireland) still state a pregnant womans tsh should be kept under 4!!! ive had many a discussion with my doctor over it...she agrees its too high and will keep mine nice and low. Think the guidelines are changing soon, utterly ridiculously high isnt it? i dont want mine to go above 1. ever. ;)

  • sorry to ask again, but will the extra 25mcg levo i took today reflect on the bloods? im just a bit worried if i need an increase already it wont show xx

  • I think you should be more concerned about taking meds before bloods giving you a false reading than the extra 25mcg's.

    Your levo spikes in your blood 2 to 3 hours after taking so if you did take it two - three hours before bloods I would be phoning the GP and telling her what you have done, just in case your levels come back very low.

    The good thing is that she is going to test every 2 weeks, so both of you will have a very good indication of how you are doing but you'll have to make sure you take your levo after you blood tests in future.


  • Moggie i did mention it, will talk to her tomorrow.

    I took the first dose of 100 at 4am then took 25 around 9.30 so a couple of hours before bloods. Would it have made that much difference?

  • The 4am dose may have made a difference but not as much as the extra 25mcg's would have done. If you have told your GP then she will take this into account when she sees you results but, if it were me, in future I would leave meds until after bloods so that both you and your GP will be getting correct levels as this is especially important now you are pregnant.

    Moggie x

  • Im worried now....feel so stupid for taking the extra bit just felt really rough. Will talk to her tomorrow, she is pretty good like that xx

  • I wouldn't worry about telling her you took a little bit extra. If your results show that you're in range but you're still symptomatic, just let her know you took your meds right before your test. If she intends to test you regularly it will hopefully all even out in the end.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and having a great GP, sounds like she will look after you well. Don't worry if your meds skewed your TFT, tell your GP you took meds prior to test and you don't want to reduce them. It's unlikely she would want to once she knows.

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