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Doctors tomorrow wish me luck

Hi everyone, hope you all feeling ok.

i have been referred to ENT for my hoarse voice and coughing blood, I am referred on a 2 week wait under cancer protocol.

I am also seeing go tomorrow, she rang me yesterday and confirmed the fax referral had been sent, she has agreed to refer me to dr skinner. I hope to find out what the plan is regarding my vitamin d levels as they are super low.

she has also signed me off work, I was due back this week after maternity leave, it. A just too weak to look after myself and family so nursing others isn't doable yet.

I am also going to try pay for a t3 blood test, the lab fused it when the doctor requested it,if not I will be doingt privately.

Ten, I am going touch my luck and ask for an ultrasound of my thyroid... I think my hoarseness and pain is a nodule, and assume the ENT doctors won't be interested n looking into that. My endo appointment isn't until July.

so think that's my full update, will come back tomorrow with the outcome :-)

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Please don't assume the ENT people won't be interested - I think they should be. (They might be very much less interested in the effect of your thyroid hormone levels!)

Your doctor might be able to ring the lab and push for an FT3 test in the circumstances.

Heartily wishing you all the best



Thanks Rod, here's hoping.....

Think i have a GP with the patience of a saint, I am very lucky, just need to find the pieces to fit this mess that I have become together :-/


Wishing you all the best. Keep us updated.


I am sorry you are having even additional problems and are feeling so unwell and unable to look after your family. I wish you well and keep us informed of how things go.

With very best wishes


Good luck, hope you will be feeling better soon x


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