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Please sign this petition to the health minister to improve treatment and care for our conditions

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and tweet and send it to everyone you can think of... thanks

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Done :)

Me too. Suffered for 7 years of pure hell before diagnosis, I thought, until I joined this forum and discovered others were suffering much, much worse hells. Why? Because of sheer blind ignorance among GPs, and endocrinologists. It has to end.

Done x

...would not accept my e-mail and post code - I live in Crete !

Done it.x

Always a big struggle with GP. I have to ask for blood tests when tiredness, sluggishness, hair falling out & all other systems persist. GP always reluctant to do anything. Surely GPs know that the thyroid has to do with metabolism & metabolism controls a lot & therefore treating the hypothyroid means a well patient & less burden on the NHS.

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they have half a page in their training, they know nothing.... lots of women are at home in bed unable to work, diagnosed with depression, chronic fatigue, and unexplained pain, when really, they're just not getting the right treatment for their thyroid issues.. some women are self medicating from the internet, it's a real mess. I went from a £75K job to disability living allowance where I was for 5 months and the doctor said my bloods were fine and it was in my head! 2 GPs and a private consultant later I am back at work and on Armour and DHEA and feel great. But thousands of people don't have my supportive partner, my education to read all of the books and studies and my money to get myself a private consultant and pay for all of my supplements and drugs.

Those who are less wealthy, less well-read, less supported are just stuck... and it's a disgrace. Together we've cost the state millions and millions in lost taxes, benefits, and useless prescriptions, they need to educate GPs, change Guidelines, and add T3 only therapy, Adrenal Support and NDT back into the treatment options for all.

I am better, but I am angry now.. really angry.. I honestly feel that if it were 10 men to one woman with this thing, we'd be further on by now.. but women are just so much more likely to politely assume that the doctor must know best and be fobbed off and told to shut up and take anti-depressants.. I saw my MP last Friday... I am really cross about this and will not stop fighting until all sufferers have better treatment options than plan A - Levothyroxine until your TSH reaches an arbitrary number

Done :-)

Done it x

Just Done it xx

Signed and promoted.


Signed. x

thanks to all of you.... keep fighting... if we all keep at it, someone has to listen.. right?

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