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Has anyone had problems getting their thyroid levels to settle?

I was diagnosed hypo in November 2012. June's 2013 TSH result was 1.89 T4 15. I took myself for another blood test this month as was feeling so good and TSH is 5.7 and doc said T4 was normal range still. I have got a few months worth TSH results but not sure if they are needed to answer this question?! I feel really fed up being so up and down and somewhere along the line would love to have enough energy for enough time to concentrate on trying to loose some of excessive weight gained.



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Your GP clearly doesn't know anything about the thyroid gland. When he quotes to you 'within range' that is for people who are not hypo.

The TSH fluctuates all day long. 5.7 even 'within range' means that you are not on enough thyroid gland hormone if you have already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. You should be given enough medication for your TSH to be 1 or below. Always get your blood tests done at the earliest.

Email for a copy of the Pulse article by Dr Toft (of the British Thyroid Association) wherein (question 6) gives the actual TSH GP's should be aiming for (below 1).

There is also a booklet on Amazon by him and after you have read it give it to your GP:


Hi I was diagnosed dec 2011 and it took me two years to feel fully well. Some one said to me it took a long time to get as ill as I was and it takes a long time to get well. So keep going, you look to me as you are under medicated, also getting my vit d and b12 right made a great difference. Also a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress helps. read as much as you can and ask as many questions as you can and if your gp is unhelpful move to another one. X


Hi, my levels go down and then up again, a proper roller-coaster. After an increase of Levo my TSH went up to nearly 9 (normal range 0.35 - 5) came then down and under 100 mcg it went up again. My neck hurts, I often feel sick and a lump in my throat. GP gave me something homeopathic for depressions, which I don't believe I have and which clearly didn't help for the lump in my throat. He says my thyroid doesn't look enlarged, which.. I don't believe. Maybe not in the front. I feel completely left alone, feel like a hypochondria looking for attention where all I want is feeling some sort of okay-ish?

I am now still on 100 mcg Levo, TSH is 5.08.. other thyroid hormones don't get checked. Not necessary as my GP says, subclinical hypo he says. Need to go back in 3 months time and can already say that my TSH will go up again. Then, they are thinking about putting me on 125 mcg. My thyroid peroxidase antibody levels are very high.. think it was 1117... maybe thats the key to my problems! So got enough!

My neck, the whole of my upper neck right into the skull is painful, headaches since weeks and got this dry cough that won't go away. Coughing up massive lumps but chest is clear. Had 3 episodes of high fever 39.0 - 39.5) within one month, flu like symptoms, generally feeling rotten. Maybe I am really depressed, who wouldn't be if not been taken seriously!

Sorry dear, yeah, my thyroid levels don't settle....


Hi thank you for your comments.

I am now on 175mcg of Levo which I hope will make a difference. I do wonder if the doctor could/should be sending me for more blood tests or to a specialist?? The doc says that once the dose is right then the thyroid will settle even if it is an auto immune problem? I feel like i'm hypochondria at times but my blood results show I am not and I think we need to remember this is our thyroid and not us!! I ache all the time especially my neck/shoulders and feet with very swollen ankles. I really thought once I was being treated I would feel better and have a new lease of life! I'm still waiting - lol! x


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