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Blood Test Results

hi there..have had some blood test done as my TSH is low and I am on 100mg thyroxine.Doctor told me they are all okay but wants to re check my TSH level in 6 weeks. I am still feeling tired...

Serum Folate 11.4

Free T4 19.4

TSH 0.305

They tested my pituitary:-

Prolactin 183

Serum Ferratin 52.3

Vitamin B12 284

My full blood count they told me was fine but my Neutrophil count was low 1.64 and the monocyte count was low 0.17.

Would love views on the results Thank you x

3 Replies

Your B12 is low, you will find lots of links on this in this response:


Your ferritin would be better at around 80 or 90, maybe try some Spatone to raise it slightly?


Hi there Thank you so much just popped out and got some! xx


Remember iron needs to be taken away from your Levo, and also away from tea/coffee and dairy products. Some useful info here:


Re the B12, a lot of people here just supplement with high dose Methyl B12 sublinguals, but I think if you haven't supplemented yet it's worth getting the Active B12 test. I know you have to pay for the test, but ultimately the sublinguals aren't cheap either. Just my opinion, of course it's your choice. Have a think about it before you decide.

H x


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