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If a thyroid home test is positive or negative,is it 100%

hi everyone,im investigating if i have a problem with my thyroid as iv got loads of symptoms like fatigue,dizziness,vertigo etc the list goes on.iv been taking my temp every morning and its allways around 35.6 c .im buying a home thyroid test as doctors allways tell me in mental.but i was just wondering does a TSH test confirm if its positive or negative,as i believe theres multiple tests that can diagnois thyroid problems?and one hormone could be ok were others arent etc? so say you take the test and its negative,but other blood tests the doctors do could still show a problem? its called a Prima Home Test Thyroid Tester.i dunno wot to do?

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If you want a home thyroid test kit, use one of the laboratories on this link:-

One is Blue Horizon and they do a home testing -

If you put TUK10 you will get a discount.

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Having checked out this test, it is possible that your GP might take little notice of it, or be impressed by your tenacity. Difficult to tell. Most people wanting to establish thyroid problems get tested privately by Blue Horizon: more expensive but more reliable and should be acceptable to a doctor.

There are directions on the home page to websites for home fingerprick tests if you cannot have blood drawn by a medical person. You will find various thyroid tests to choose from. The minimal test would be one including both TSH and FT4. Posting the results here would help people advise you.

Another way to go about getting a diagnosis is to visit the main site via this page:

which gives excellent advice about how to go about getting a diagnosis plus links to lists of symptoms.

You can then take a list of symptoms to your GP for discussion and require that this list be made part of your file, you have that right. This might trigger them into testing. Always make sure test blood is drawn early in the morning as possible as TSH is highest then.

If all else fails you can get a list of private doctors by e-mailing:


Well the docs and hospital think i have POTS.postural orthostatic tacycardia syndrome but i think im hoping its something a bit more eaiser to live with :P them tests seem really good but sooo expensive and knowing my luck il be fine and its a waste you know :P.hmm morning temps for the last 3 mornings are 35.6 36.0 and 36.1 c.and its really hot here in the uk :P

thank you so much everyone for your replies so far :)


ok so i did the test and it was negative,it only checks for TSH which i thought was all that was needed till now when im reading up more,and u could have secondary hypo for example with normaly tsh levels lol.think il have to get a home one from blue horizons lol.


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