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Hi All, I have been fighting with my endo for nearly 2 years to try me on T3 as I cannot tolerate Levothyroxine. She has finally given me a private prescription and now everywhere I try I cannot get it as they have no stock. Can anybody suggest a pharmacist in the South West, Taunton area that has got some in stock please? Thanks alot, Sharon

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Hi Sharon

Lyn Mynott spoke to Mercury last week and they gave the impression that the shortage would be resolved by the end of this month.

In the meantime, have you tried any of these pharmacies:

Also, it is scandalous that you are having to get it on Private Prescription!! :( It is in the BNF and you can prove a need...

This MAY help.




Hi Louise, Thanks for coming back to me, I think I may have misled you. I have a corn pollen allergy and cannot tolerate standard T3 because it contains corn starch, my endo has already tried me on that. I posted about this a few weeks ago and somebody very kindly told me to try Cynomel which is from France and is corn free. This is the one that I am trying to source and I have had some prices - average is £55 for one months supply. I have spent all of my life savings on scans and private specialists trying to get diagnosed and now survive (just about) on ESA and DLA, Heaven only knows how I am going to afford this every month. That is my next challenge, if the CYNOMEL works I am going to write to GP, MP, etc as if they will not give this to me on the NHS I feel that it is discrimination, afterall it's not my fault that I have a corn pollen allergy, so I don't see why I should be penalised for it. Thanks for your help!


Ahh, I see! :(

I would still try one of the pharmacies on the link...

All the best.


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As Louise's link above shows, they can prescribe some unlicensed medicines on a named patient basis where the individual has special need - which is surely what you have? I'm currently trying to get NDT for similar reasons.


Hi, I've been taking T3/Levothyroxine combination for over a year. After struggling with Levo for 2 or more years this combination works quite well for me.

I was told by my pharmacy last week that they had problems fulfilling the prescription and offered just a small amount. A week on, they told me on Friday that they had been trying to find the remainder through other pharmacists as there was a manufacturing problem. I ran out of T3 completely on Friday.

I've spent the morning trying to get through to Mercury or Amco, holding on for as long as 30 mins before calling back, patiently waiting for someone to give me information on this drug.

I really can't believe what I'm hearing. We are becoming more and more like a third world country. How can a manufacturer and SOLE provider to the UK market just run out of stock! If they have a manufacturing problem surely you would have enough stock to cover the unpredictable! To calmly say that they will not be in a position to supply this drug until MID JUNE, are they for real?

Surely this company have a duty of care to the patients they are serving! With interest, I not on their website that they have business in Europe and off shore Jersey! How difficult would it be to bring the drug in from abroad - if they were genuinely concerned about their UK market! I think not. This company know they have the business and are not about to lose it for anything!

Quite shocking



Hi l have sent you a PM detailing where you can obtain Cynomel T3 made by Sanofi Aventis ..WITH a prescription.

If anyone else would like this info please PM me

With best wishes Donna


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