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I feel like no one listening.

i'm new to this site and have hope already.

I've had blood results T4 - 9.2 and TSH 2.07 which my Dr says are normal - however I feel far from normal. I;m on anti-depressants which I don't think are working. All my symptoms point me to an underactive thyroid but myDr insists i'm depressed. I'm only depressed because of all the symptoms! AHHHHHHHH. Any advice much appreciated.

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Do you know what the ranges are to go with the results? T4 of 9.2 is quite low but the range could be from 9-23 in which case you would fall into the 'normal' category! But some are 10 or 12. What time did you have your blood test at? Your TSH is higher in the morning than the afternoon.



the lab scale is 7 - 20 so indeed does fall into the normal range?!?!? I really can't remember when I had the blood test. My memory is naff!!


How long have you been diagnosed hypothyroid?

Has your doc done TPO and TG autoantibodies yet?

Has your doc done FT3 as well as FT4?

If you doc has got you on anti depressants can you please outline the time line on all of this. Thanks.



Sorry if I was misleading. I haven't been diagnosed hypothyroid. My Dr thinks i'm depressed and I have been on anti-depressants for 18 months. I was taking Fluoxitine for a year or so but returned to the Dr who has now changed it to Setraline. I've been on this for 9 weeks.

My Dr has only tested TSH and FT4. None of the others have been done. Can I as a patient request the other tests from my GP or would I have to go privately for this as Dr does not agree with my diagnosis?


I feel exactly the same was diagnosed 25 years ago I am also on anti deppressants but feel terrible went to dr who said my thyroid was normal and I did'nt need more thyroxine. This happens at least once a year when I start feeling really mad tired mood swings no energy but nothing ever happens help.


I know how you feel. I try and tell myself it has to get better, but it feels like it won't.


A T4 of 9 is not normal it is low, NORMAL (average untreated person) is about 15! suggest that your personal "normal" may be at the top end of the range and you would like to go on to T4 to see if it helps get rid of symptoms. What Anti depressant are you on????? They are notorious for disrupting thyroid. I was put on Lustral supposedly for post natal dep. and ended up two years down the line with myxodema!


This worries me as Lustral and Sertrline are both SSRI medications. I am visiting the Dr on Friday so will follow your advice and see what happens. Thankyou.


What exactly is Normal? Normal for an obese teen WILL NOT be the same as normal for a 75 yr old anorexic!


It is a very sad fact that there are hundreds of people battling in the same way, my doc or an Endo wouldn't even diagnose me with a TSH of 7.9! Luckily for me it went to 10.1 on the next blood test and even then they said that I was only just hypo and I could hardly get out of bed!

Get a referral to see Dr Gordon SKinner in Birmingham or Glasgow, it will cost £180 for the first appointment and £90 for follow-ups.

Doctors treat the symptoms (depression) and not the cause, they go by blood test results but there is evidence that it is a risk to your heart if you are hypo and not medicated.


Sadly not everyone has that sort of money and have to depend on the NHS

If only it were that simple.



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