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Not well at all, very down :(

I have had it for yrs but now its got worse,

I feel awful, my whole body ackes, head acke, cough pain in my chest, mouth dry all the time, cant sleep or sleeping in the afternoon, no engery, lost a stone in a mth! I am slim anyway, no docs appointment for anothe 3 weeks!! Saw the nurse broke down, she took blood test for liver etc: results in on monday, cant be botherd to see anyone, thirsy too , pain behi d my eyes as well, I was ok a few mths ago cant understand I am on 100 mg did see the doc about 4 mths ago , but she said its up but not much to worry about, I belive blood test arent very accurate? Iam taking pain killers as I have get on,, I am 63 but used to do a lot I have lots of hobbies walking etc cant do that , any ideas what I can do or shall I ride it out until the middle of August to see the doc or go private, oh thats another thing my brain feels like its in fog! Get very cold or very hot thank you for your time, x

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You need a new a thyroid gland blood test as you could be undermedicated. If you have more clinical symptoms your GP should have no reluctance in doing another. The fact that your GP said it was 'up' a few months ago would seem to me that your dose is not at optimum.


Phone your surgery every day, to see if someone has cancelled. If you haven't already had a Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate, ask for these to be done too.

I'm sorry your feeling so ill.


Thank you so much , I am taking B12 , only because at my age someone said it was agood vit to take I didnt realize it was good for thyoird, only taken it fir a couple of days, its not fair on my family I feel so down, because they try to understand but well you know,, I will try and phone the doctors, but well again I get co,nfused when I try and tell them whats wrong, I dont understand about T4 T3 whats good whats bad never been told, I am grateful for you response x


Usually people with hypo are deficient in Vit B12 and Vitamin D, so make a new appointment with your GP and ask for a full thyroid gland blood test, TSH, T4, T3 (the labs may not do T3 if your TSH is within range). Ask also for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Always get a copy of your blood test results and keep for your own records, make sure they have the ranges (the figures in brackets) as labs differ throughout the country. We are entitled to have copies - just say you need them for your records. They cannot refuse although some Receptionists may.

When you get the results, post on another question an people will comment upon them. You may well be undermedicated but 'within range' and GP's think that's o.k. They ignore clinical symptoms (don't know them) or believe it to be something 'other than thyroid gland problems'.

Don't take your B12 till you get your blood tests as it may confuse the issue.

Best wishes


You might find it helps your eyes if you use eye drops for dry eyes. When my eyes get dry I end up with pa behind them unless I use eye drops. I like eye drops without preservatives, I use Hyco San but there are loads I'd different ones out t here or you could get Liquifilm tears which is quite nice too. A warm damp flannel held over your eyes might help with that feeling too.

Can you not get a same day appointment if you ring your surgery as soon as they open in the morning? If not do what Shaws says and ring in every day to see if they have any cancellations.

I know how you feel about not being bothered to see anyone. Sometimes it just all gets to be too much.

Liz x


Thank you both , its great to know I am not alone in all this, my eyes aretn dry behind my eyeballs ache, oh right I wont take B12 until they take more blood tests , thats if they do, but will ask , didnt relize what a horrible disease it is it just goes right though the body, from head to toes, you think you have every thing under the sun but all it is this little thing in you neck acting up like a naughty child!!! xxxxxx The hot weather does not help!) Cheers both


Hi I have had thyroxine for 15 years or so and for much of this time have had sore tired eyes, hooded top eyelids and often pain behind my eyes. Then I found I had glaucoma, about 5 years ago, not hereditary its not in my family at all. Its the sort caused by cells falling off the iris and blocking tiny drainage channels hence pressure rises in the eye. I asked if this is related to underactive thyroid as i read eyes can be affected but no one seems to know for sure or be that interested in a possible connection ...anyone else have eye problems and underactive thyroid?


Hi , I ended up in hospital with pneumonia after an xray , phoned up the same day, let out 5 days, still have this tiredness, depressed,, my muscles acke so much, burning I think it could be fibromyalgia, I still think its Thyroid, but they didnt say in hospital, will go again but you can see them saying 'its in her mind' , thank you for you time x


Hi tippy..just a though dont overlook the face that all you described in your post originally could very easily have been the lung problem building up which then presents as pheumonia.I had exactly the same couple of years ago and the build up mirrored what you described exactly.I also had a plural effusion,fluid around outside of lung,but I didn't realise any of it till X-ray showed it! I really does take a good month or two to fully recover after pheumonia so please allow yourself the indulgence of rest eat well and give yourself time.It may well also be that thyroid isn't helping how you feel but could just as easily not be related to it (although I was told that it can predispose us toward pheumonia) take care


Sorry have taken so long to answer, I have to go back to wlrk tomorrow 6sept, I am feeling better butthjs bloomin funny cough , more in the throat and breath ing in hurts , still going to the docs nx tues, after the ctr scan, they want to see me , not urgent but still a bit worried you take care too x


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