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unsympathetic doctor

well today i went back to doctors to ask about my blood test results and levels, i got a very long lecture on how the thyroid works and i asked why i have never been told my levels? i got an abrupt "you should have asked" i always ask and always get the word NORMAL thrown back at me!

I asked for a print out and she couldnt get computer to work so again i have no idea what my actual results are, and with my very bad memory its impossible to remember!

I have put so much weight on and am now obese, i have asked her for help in this and asked if i need more levothyroxine. Her answer was no! she then went on to say that i am a big girl and big boned anyway! this i am not! i told her i was dreading a holiday to mexico because i am overweight, do you know what her reply was? " mexico, they like their women big in mexico anyway!!!! omg! i couldnt believe it i drove home in tears and after a couple of hours when i had calmed down i rang practice manager to complain, she was very sympathetic and is looking into this, i am returning on friday to see a different doctor! cant wait to see what that brings!

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Hi sandy

How insensitive can some people be. You know and I know that being undertreated with thyroid gland problems often cause weight gain. It is not uncommon and must be one of the most asked questions and being fobbed off. Research shows that being treated with T4 alone can cause weight gain.

Get a copy of your blood tests each time and keep for your own records. We have to read and learn as much as possible but we cannot educate GP's unless they have an open mind and want their patients to get well.

Their are lots of topics on this website but some of the links within may not work. It will however give you lots of info.


Unfortunately this seems to be an increasing issue. More and more doctors are hiding results from patients and even charging for results copies to put people off asking for them, not to mention the fact that even when youve paid they dont always print all of the test from past to present out and their secretaries go along with this. The new approach seems to be harshness and being rude to patients as well as making a person out to be crazy or depressed!

Its good you are going to see a different doctor and even if its within the same surgery, dont let the secretaries push you to see the old doctor if you do not want to. The problem is that medical professionals have been given too much freedom to run their own surgeries etc... and need to be held to account more and disciplined by those not in the profession or connected to it so they arent abusing their positions or taking advantage of patients or giving them substandard care. Its good you made a complaint and more should write to their MPs so changes can take place.


Hi Hele. I asked the receptionist at my surgery for a print out of my blood test results and was refused (she had done them for me the last time). Seems the doctors have told the receptionists not to do it anymore. I asked the doctor for them and was asked why I wanted a copy. I told him I wanted to keep a record of them so that I can understand my health status and the test results would be helpful to me. For some reason he didn't like it but did oblige. You can't help wondering what is going on.

Jen x


Thanx for the replies its good to know im not alone! And I am seeing a different doctor on Friday. When I mentioned id been on this website she rolled her eyes at me! I told her about obese people needing more levothyroxine than someone who's not obese she said that's not true! I also have pernicious anemia and a consultant neurologist told me in january that I need my b12 injections more frequent than every 12 weeks she said that i don't! She's clearly in the wrong job!


keep going sandy, I wonder though if you docter were a man ---and not a female----and gave those insulting insidious comments ' how long before he would be suspended - subject to investigation - -----maybe this doctor is a wannabee bloke but don't know how to hack it so just tries to think like some of the idiots [ of both sexes ] that many of us seem to be putting up with time ask wether she has grown any recently....<<<<<hugs>>>> alan


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