Maintenance dose of B12?

I found out back in February, by accident that my B12 level has been 212 (180-1000) for the last four years. As part of my plan to get that, Vit D, Ferritin etc all in normal or better range, I started on supplements.

I had a B12 check on 26-6 at the doctors but heard nothing so went in and got a copy of the results. My B12 results are now 1409 (180-1000) so well over. The notes underneath say, over replaced, pt taking supplements does not wish to stop. That is not at all true, I just wanted to get to the higher end of the range and no-one has asked me if I wanted to stop or cut down.

Anyway aside from the lie, I have stopped taking B12 but want to know what a good maintenance dose would be. I have a bottle of 5000mg tabs left so can cut them up but don't know what to take.

Many thanks


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  • Totally depends on how you feel, it's an individual thing. If you have returning symptoms, you're not getting enough. Would recommend you seek out the user "nostoneunturned" for self supplementing info and maintenance doses.

    H x

    H x

  • Have no idea why I signed that twice!

  • Ha - it's because you no longer see all of your message because of the new scroll down arrangement - I know because I did it myself this afternoon

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  • Were you still taking your B12 when you were tested? If so, this could account for the high levels in your blood.

    Also don't forget that the B12 in your blood isn't the same as the useful, active B12. It also doesn't tell you anything about what is happening in your cells.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Carolyn, yes I was still taking the 5000 tabs and probably had one the day before the test as I wasn't aware of getting it when I went to the doctors. I wasn't going to turn it down as they are really off at my surgery. I'm guessing if I now took one of the tabs once a week it should slowly go down and maintain at a reasonable level.

    I'm feeling okay at the moment as I am now on iron for ferritin and that has really made a difference even though I'm not optimum at the moment.

    Many thanks


  • I believe the lab range is for the normal range when not on supplements. Your initial range was extremely low.

    People on B12 injections usually have a range of 2,000-2,500.

    If supplementing B12 any excess is excreted in urine.

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