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Blood tests just back?

All blood tests taken over a 3 month period while I was in/out/ appointments in hosptial . Bloods all drawn at the hosptial not at my GP's.

All results came in last Friday with much amusement to my GP as she got an 'abnormal' warning notice from blood lab and to repeat all bloods because of it.?

1st blood results.

wcc 9.5

TSH =4.0

HB 12.2

MCV 82

Pit 348

Neult 6.23

INR 1.0

Na 141

K 4.0

Ur 5.5

Cr 64

Alb 47

ALP 89

Amy 44

2nd blood resutls

TSH 4.2 miu/L

FT4 10

3rd blood results

TSH 5.0 miu/L

LH 0.5

FSH 7.6

Estrodoil 70.0

4th blood tesults

TSH 4.7 miul/L

Ft4 13 pmo/L

5th blood results


LH 5

Estradiol 173

I have been more unwell over this period and currently. I'm a walking bug, bacteria, virus hotel.

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For TSH alone, I suggest you have a read of this blog:

It might be enough to explain the variation in TSH - or might not!

Do you have the ranges, especially for FT4?

Initial look says to me that you are hypothyroid (based on TSH alone), and if you are symptomatic, a trial of levothyroxine might be appropriate. However, as other things are happening, the interpretation might not be quite so obvious.



Rod no ranges were given it is as my GP was sent.

I am already , missed treatment due to change of Drs and test results not being picked up showing I was hypo. I now have thyroid toxicity toxins in bloods. Plus also have antibodies = Hashimotos. Thyroid nodules, swelling and lymph nodes all enlarged, tonsils all up too and already on Levothyroxine 75/100 bouncing alternate dosages.

Fully symptomatic with extra thrown in for good measure. I look like hell and feel worse than hell.


Added, all the bloods were drawn in the morning before any medication and food and drinks. Exception water in sips.


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