Heartbeat/whooshing sound in ears

Has anyone had the heartbeat sounds in their ears -and a sort of whooshing sound ? I get this occasionally and mainly at night but wondered if any hypothyroiders were experiencing this?

Maybe it's blood pressure but if anyone has any knowledge of possible causes I'd love to hear from you.

Or is it just age/hot weather/post -menopausal stuff?

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20 Replies

  • My work mate has this and it is a condition meaning it has a name but can't remember what it is google ' whoosing & heartbeat ' in the ear and there is tons of info maybe you'll come across the name for this condition too . She also suffers from Ophthalmic Migranes with this. Very unpleasant apparently and all she wants to do when the attac comes to crawl in her darkened bedroom and try to get some sleep. She doesn't have any known thyroid problems.
  • Maybe Tinntenitus or labyrinthitus. Inner ear or cochlear disturbance. Check with GP or ENT Vestibular doc. More likely just simple knock to head or water/wax in ear. But if there has been some trauma to head/skull do have checked with requisite scans.
  • Pulsatile tinnitus. I have it for years, getting worse. Getting me down
  • I had that for awhile at the tail end of a nasty cold a few months ago. Put it down to a bit of an infection in the ear. I was partially deaf with it too. It went after a couple of days.

    Jen x
  • this is something I get from time to time. don't know what causes it. don't like it much. but try not to worry as it disappears for long periods. it has been happening to me for years on and off.
  • Yeah it is on / off condition as far as I know
  • yes i seen a specialist for this they told me it as external white noise i was picking up from the environment it has nothing to do with you hearing your bodies noises because thats what i thought it was too. its called tinnitus and i suffer from it constantly was told if its really bad it can make you go mad or deaf and i was told to concentrate on the noise from outside like traffic or put a radio or tv on to try blocking it out.
  • I have tinnitus, not sure about it making you mad or deaf, but it's not pleasant. Mine comes and goes, gets louder when I'm stressed. I put it down to years of loud music abuse but that's my fault. Apparently it one of the many symptoms of being hypo it's uncurable there are strategies to help you deal with it i.e. radio etc but it's a case of learning to live with it. I get high piercing noise but also whooshing from time to time....great huh?
  • Hi Celticlady,

    I can sympathise as I have had exactly those symptoms for 2 years now. Sometimes it's so loud I can't get to sleep or it wakes me up. I've been to the docs several times about it. At first they thought it was chronic rhinitis but the treatment for that isn't help. If you look on the Thyroid Uk site you'll see that tinnitus and other hearing problems are a common symptom of thyroid problems. So, I'm hoping that once I get my medication level right, it will help. I've read about others on here who have had tinnitus and their symptoms finally went when they were on the right dosage.
  • @ nuggetnet, I am on the right dosage and it doesn't go away. But it can lead to deafness and madness i was told that by a consultant at the hospital.
  • That sounds like a strange consultant talking about deafness and madness. O would agree that it can lead to depression.

    I have had tinnitus which includes whooshes, plus a multiplicity of other sounds for the last 20 years or so. So far, no signs of 'madness'. But then again, maybe I wouldn't know if I were mad.

    Yes, it is one of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism, because hypothyroidism can lead to ENT problems.
  • That consultant may be projecting his own madness on to you! Ha! They really say some daft things. It's autoimmune, I've been told by ENT specialist. I'd say it's thyroid and I'm battling to get on correct dosage to see if it makes pulsatile tinnitus improve. Fingers crossed. Maybe it's same for you? Good luck
  • @ marram it has affected my hearing in my right ear, that's why i went to the hospital to get my hearing checked, i have lost my hearing because of it since 2009.
  • Hi elements I put a post up under hyperthyroid as I have recently lost all hearing in my right ear and 2 GP's that I have seen have said there is no connection with thyroid and hearing!!!
  • ENT Neurology at your hospital/clinic. With neuro-physiotherapy (sugery - in more acute cases) it is easily overcome with the obvious requisite work. See a Vestibular-related med. practician.
  • Hold you nose, close you eyes, put your other finger in the ear that isn't effected, then push out air as hard as you can and your ear will unpop, it's because you have water in there and it connecting your eardrum to an inside part of your body, which makes you here this sound
  • I started having it years ago when I was 27 and its just getting worse now. It drives me absolutely nuts! Any idea to what it is ?

    When I press my finger on my jugular vein it stops. I've been to the Dr, had scans done and still nothing! Help!!!
  • mine is same way!
  • i am suffering with same problem.. this pulsating sound started in my right ear when i was pregnant. i thought it ill go off after my delivery, but it didn't. I had MRI scan and it came back normal... but stil i could hear pulsing noise in my right ear for about two years now.
  • My husband got tinnitus four months ago - whooshing and screeching type (not pulsating), which became pretty loud with time. He was really suffering, and started to talk about suicide. Had problems at work, too. He did MRI - it showed nothing, and his hearing was OK. The cure came like this:

    We live in Calgary, Canada. Calgary's elevation is approximately 1,048 m (3,438 ft) above sea level, and it's pretty dry here in August, when his tinnitus started (47%-50% relative humidity).

    In the beginning of October he went to Jordan (Elevation above sea level: 757 m = 2483 ft), humidity 40%. Tinnitus had disappeared completely, but resumed on the plane back.

    In October, he went to Vancouver (sea level, very humid), and his tinnitus had STOPPED COMPLETELY. It resumed when he returned to Calgary.

    It was my teenage daughter, (a gifted student!) who suggested that there is relationship between sea level and / or humidity and his tinnitus. I guess he had some damage to the tiny hears in his inner ear (sorry I don't know the proper terminology), and it somehow performed better at lower elevation and higher humidity.

    Right now my husband is working in South Korea (Geoji) - sea level elevation, high humidity. His tinnitus had disappeared immediately after he landed in Korea. I am moving over there, too. I guess we will never come back to Calgary (although we have a beautiful house and wonderful life here) - we are going to stick to places with low elevation and high humidity... It's so great to see my husband happy and cheerful again!!!

    So many people who suffer from tinnitus commit (or trying to commit) suisides... My advice (I wish I can yell it from the top of my lungs, just to be heard by this sufferers) - go for vacations by the sea!!! If your tinnitus stops - just move away from your high & dry place! This may not help everyone, but it will help somebody for sure.


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