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I have a dear friend who some time ago had surgery for a leg fracture with an epidural. Shortly afterwards this loud noise started in her head ...whooshing and dinging was her description - it's constant and vibrates in her head like a very loud pulse. Heart and blood pressure ok apparently.

At first they thought it was severe tinnitus and she has had many MRI scans of the head/neck and all is clear. She has visited ENT specialists and Neurologists and all seems well. The latest suggestion has been to have angioplasty to check the arteries in the head.... she is waiting for the appointment.

My friend had her thyroid zapped in her twenties some 40 years ago - and I have often discussed with her the value of having her thyroid levels checked...if only to eliminate it. She is hoping it was one of the many blood tests done and that soon her GP will have the results and that she will obtain a copy.

Poor girl is desperate after months of suffering and going down blind alleys. Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience they could share - and any information would be most welcome.

Thank you for reading.....

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Hi Marz.

I had mine zapped nearly 30 years ago too and had times where I experience whooshing sounds. Never as bad as what your friends seems to be and because it was intermittent I never bothered to get it checked.

It's quite difficult to describe - almost a whooshing sensation and sometimes with little 'electrical' tingles at the base of the head.

Whatever hers is caused by its a shame she hasn't monitored her levels before but why would anyone bother when we should be able to trust what we are told :-(


Thank you for your helpful reply....yes difficult when we are not updateable with the present system of health. Think Docs need to employ a junior to just go through notes and pick up on things that have been overlooked - follow-up tests being one. We read so often that people assume that all is well when they hear nothing from the surgery. Just a case of having to take responsibility for ourselves at all times it seems....

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Hi This is just a thought. I do have Tinnitus, Menieres etc,but my ears do get funny! Mine feel more like they are full of water, and effect my hearing. They do also whoosh at times. Not recognised by ENT but now known by good Cardios, it can be Atrial Fibrillation. I have had it all my life, it is normally intermittent for many years, then can as mine become permanent and much worse. My ears are like it when my heart rate goes high with the AF. As it is intermittent for many years very hard to identify. The only simple medical way, is either to be on an monitor in hospital, or check the pulse, especially when ears are "odd". It will feel very uneven. Uneveness is happens intermittently a normal ECG is a waste of time. The GP can arrange a home monitor for 24 hours or better still 3 days. Then a cardio for simple treatment. It is important when on a monitor to try and do what ever brings the problem on, or nothing will show. To take the pulse for some days is the vital thing, before telling a doc.Sitting down for 10 ins first. often the pulse is easier to take in the neck. do not use a thumb as it has its own pulse.This is the only sure way of finding it.

Best wishes,



Thank you Jackie for your reply. I will show my friend your suggestions.

Good wishes to you too...... Marz


marz here is a wiki-------------


marz this is a shot in the dark as i wouldnt like to to assume /presume or suggest what it could or a with this sort of thing in your head. google substance p........i wish her well very soon. lots o love xxxx there are quite a few Sub. P info sites ones.


...thank you Pettals for your very kind and informative reply. Will do some checking myself. Do hope you are feeling better soon. Those Adrenals do have such a busy life - no wonder they get tired ! M x


HI M. Tinnitus while notoriously hard to resolve or diagnose does seem to commonly be associated with the stress/hypothyroid/chronic fatigue space.

I developed it years ago when very hyper.

This isn't advice, but there's some signs that it may be phasing out now - I've been trialling a method to reduce my exaggerated stress responses/high cortisol and associated high blood pressure using an adaptogen (the broad approach described here: ), and while there's still a way to it's showing definite promise.

There's a view too that it can be a learned problem - that we can unconsciously become overly focused on what is in essence a normal internal sound caused by e.g. blood flow.



...thank you Ian - read the website and found it interesting. Have a few symptoms myself ! Glad things are improving for you too..........


I have found the link you provided spot on as my diagnosis of PMR has been over turned by a third doctor but this link just says it all and I am wondering if the inflammation I had was this. I am currently reducing at 5mm gone from 20 to 10 in about 8 weeks ish have some discomfort in one toe but otherwise all good. the Tinnitus I can live with compared to previous symptoms. But everything and as it was to do with family that I became over stressed a family I have kept myself away from mostly. Thank you for posting this I have always looked alternatively which was why I went to osteopath etc at first Many thanks


I think I have the same problem, whooshing sounds in time with my heart beat. I have had MRI, ECG and blood pressure tests. Today I thought is it my thyroxin levels, so have phoned doctors for blood test, which will be tomorrow. Thinking about some of my symptoms, I think I have felt like this before when thyroxin has needed topping up. That is without the whooshing/heart beat. I hope this has helped, I will let you know results as soon as I know. April67


...thank you April. Sorry to hear you have this problem as it must be so annoying. Lets hope the increase in T4 works for you..........


When I studied for my Body Realignment we were taught that epidurals produce trauma at the entry site and we treat these as scar tissue and do releases on them.

Just a thought.


...thank you Penny that sounds good. Where do you practice ? - I have loads of scars ! :-)


Hi Marz, it can be quite astounding. I am near Salisbury; my tutor, Jan Trewartha is in Windsor and Wincanton; a colleague is in Guildford and London. There are one or two others but I'm not sure where they are based, probably around Windsor. It is quite a new protocol. There are case studies and more details on Jan Trewartha's website.


I live in Crete but will be in UK over Christmas/New Year. Jan Trewartha sounds a good Cornish name - pity she isn't practising there as I will be visiting that area !! Keep up the good work - will look at Jan's website.....thank you.


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