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Low body temp

Just wondering how long it has taken my fellow hypo sufferers to see an improvement in their body temperature once treatment is right?? My bloods are looking heaps better but after 6 weeks still very chilly with temp varying from 35.7-36.8 Celsius. I remember reading somewhere it took a lady 12 months to feel warm again . Interested to hear your experiences. Aussie winter is kicking in and I'm feeling it more than usual!!! Thanks

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I know I'm only hypo because of my block and replace but I have felt cold twice since my treatment started - deeply cold, it feels like cold is radiating out from my core - and both times the cold has gone when my levo has been raised, first time by 25 mcg, second time 25 mcg every other day, so I now alternate between 75 and 100 mcg.

Both times I became cold after five or six weeks on the dose I was taking at the time so maybe you just need a bit more tweaking.

My endo raised my dose first time and my GP last time. I'm due to go to see my endo on the 25th so it will be interesting to see what she says.

It is the weirdest kind of cold too, saying you feel cold doesn't quite put over to people how cold you are actually feeling.

I know our 'summer' weather hasn't been great but it is July and up until a few days ago I was still wearing my black quilted coat, and gloves, not to mention the many layers beneath including a scarf and vest.

Hope you feel warmer soon.

Liz :-)


Hey there

My temperature is spot on HUMAN for the last 5 days.. I spent months on Levo.. and according to my GP, I was " normal" but didn't feel it.. went to a consultant who prescribed T3 which made me itch a lot but I did feel much more like me.. then I went to Armour and DHEA and I am now.. officially, feeling fabulous.. with a normal temperature.. I do mine in F but mine were regularly between 95 and 96 F and now I am a 98.6 F normal person.. Have lost 10 pounds in a month and am feeling great.

I supplemented My D, C, B vitamins, take selenium and co-enzyme Q10 and now DHEA 25mcg... Marvellous stuff!


Glad you are feeling well! There is hope yet! Have been taking my vitamins and have some DHEA here so might add that in too. Trying to give thyroxine a fair go- only got bloods in range 6 weeks ago and was very hypo for 5 months before that. T3 is looking tempting though xxx


If your temperature is fluctuating it might be worth considering whether you have adrenal problems too. I believe that fluctuating temp is one of the indicators that you might need adrenal support too. Take a look at this questionnaire


Thanks rosetrees xxx


i carried out this questionnaire and its telling me i am suffering from severe adrenal problems and should consult a doctor straight away..which i have done an endo and they thought i might be suffering from slight adrenal symptoms.


Iv`e noticed that my body temperature tends to be quite low, but I don`t feel the cold any more than Iv`e always done. I`m wondering if it`s a genetic thing.


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