Hashimoto and body temp

Hello does anyone else get really hot in the early hours of the morning? I wake about 3am so hot i have to take the covers off and it takes me a while to cool and go back to sleep. It's so annoying it's making me tired, i used to have this symptom pre meds, it's eased when I started meds but is now back. It's winter, the window is open and i have a 4.5 togg quilt, my partner is not waking hot, he is usually cold lol. I just want to sleep through its driving me crazy.

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  • Tell me About it katrina80! My temperature gauge is completely out of order and I get that three am baste in a bed session but am frozen the rest of the time even under a 13.5 tog feather duvet! I get various hot flush type episodes every day in the day time too, especially after eating. I read it is called gustatory sweating and is common in diabetes sufferers but I don't have that thank goodness. No amount of jiggling with my meds seems to put it right. The cold feeling eases off over the summer if it is roasting hot - equatorial seems about right for me! I read it is the mitochrondria in every cell that are either producing too much energy or too little and the bi product is that awful volcanic body and face boil or the internal artic cold and they vacillate between the two, unable to find the balance.

    I sometimes get excited if I only get three in a day and think I am about to reach equilibrium and kiss goodbye to all those nasty rivuelettes of sweat running down my back and the red hot firey face, only to have my hopes dashed with up to 20 the very next day....if anyone has a solution I'd like to know what it is! I suspect it may be death tho :-( I am hypo probably hashimotos tho I got told it was auto immune thyroiditis - epsodes of over and under activity mostly under activity before it completely conked out. All with lashings of night sweats, day sweats and a shed load of other horrors.

  • Oh poor you TSH 110, I know the feeling too. Can you explain the difference between Hashimotos disease and Auto Immune Thyroiditis please. I thought they were the same.

  • I think they are too GILL007, but I gather some consultants will not use the term Hashimotos preferring auto immune thyroiditis. Quite why that is I am not sure. My symptoms were the same as Hashimotos.

  • oh dear sounds like you have it worse then me, but i dont flit to hyper, i stay hypo, i usually feel ok, cold feet at night then this sudden heat at 3am. i also thought autoimmune thyroiditis is the same as hasimoto, just different docs call it different names x

  • Katrina, Hashimoto's and autoimmune hypo are the same thing. If you have antibodies, you have Hashi's. Quite why endos don't like using the name, I don't know.

    As to the swings, they vary from person to person. Some people swing backwards and forwards all the time. Some never swing. You can have periods of hyper/hypo/normal lasting from hours to years. It all dépends on the person. We're all different! :)

  • Yes I get the 3am hot sweats too with only a 4.5 summer tog duvet on. My feet, which are burning hot all night, have to stick out the end of the duvet as I can't bear anything on them. Then the next day I'm freezing all over but especially inside my body and have those cold sensitive patches that never get warm, even with a heat pad held over them. So crazy, isn't it.

  • i have cold feet then wake boiling hot and have to have everything out to coold down then keep feet out lol. my temp seems ok during the day tho. really strange and annoying lol x

  • Gosh so many variation on the theme! I don't like the sound of those endless artic areas. I will keep searching for solutions. I am gluten free, take Vit D3, and switched to NDT about 9 months ago which has warmed me up a bit compared to LEVO, tho I still feel generally chilly. In the mean time poor us but at least we are not alone!

  • yes i am also gluten free, and take sooooo many vits and min lol, selenium really helped me i have to always make sure i take that for my energy.

  • Interesting about the selenium. I was eating Brazil nuts to get it but gave up cos I seem to get stomach upsets with nuts. Any extra energy with this condition is worth grabbing!

  • I get this too, I have a summer weight quilt and a fan on all night but I thought it was the perimenopause.

  • thats the trouble isnt it, how to tell the difference, i shouldnt be at 34 tho, otherwise im going to be suffering many many years of this lol yay >.<

  • I doubt if it is perimenopause in your case, as you can see from our user names I am 20 years older than you (I assume that the number means your year of birth). It makes me wonder though how many symptoms which are attributed to the menopause are really untreated or under treated hypo symptoms.

  • Hello San 60, your user name is a name chosen by yourself. It has no direct relation to your year of birth.

  • I know, I chose 60 because it is my year of birth so I thought Katrina might have done the same. Mine`s 60, Katrina`s is 80, she is 34 I am 54. It was just an incidental comment, the main point is Katrina seems too young for her symptoms to be due to perimenopause.

  • Mine started at 42 and some people do get early ones. A friend had her's in her 20's - rather sad cos she could not have children

  • I quite agree , it was certainly so in my case. I nearly pegged it as a result too.

  • Medics insisted the menopause was to blame for all my symptoms, despite me repeatedly mentioning there was a family history of thyroid disorder (never investigated)). When my menopause came and went yet my symptoms got worse and worse they could no longer sustain that lazy misdiagnosis. Looking back I cannot understand why it was not obvious that my thyroid function needed testing. I wish every one of them could have overt hypothyroudism for a day that would do wonders to concentrate their minds away from total reliance on the menopause cop out diagnosis (only when their hormones went back to rights though you don't have much of a coherent mind when it gets that bad!) I do wonder how many women are being fobbed off with such sloppy attitudes concerning our health with a blatant disregard for rigorous evidence based diagnosis. That is not to say that hot flushes are not the result of the peri or full menopause as oestrogen levels drop but they are also a well documented symptom of thyroid disorders.

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