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Reflexology - did I really pay for turture!

I decided to try Reflexology this week. It was just a half hour taster session & very interesting but painful too!

I often think my hashi was brought on by a number of things. Years of very stressful situations including family illness, a whiplash injury and finally it was a virus that finished me off. Back to the reflexology...

The area relating to thyroid felt fine. Not uncomfortable or anything. However the area for my neck and lumber back was painful. And adrenals & pituitary gland areas were very painful. I found this very interesting. I've often thought my adrenals are stressed dispite gp & endo ruling it out following cortisol blood test. As for pituatary, well that was the most painful of all which is a little worrying. Funny thing is my TSH is suppressed (last checked in January) and T4/T3 fairly low.

When I was first diagnosed my TSH swung from 35 to 0.05 in 2 months yet my symptoms got worse. On T4/T3 combo I got my life back together and got back to work. I still think I have underlying adrenal issues however. Plan to try the reflexology again in a couple of weeks :-)

Enjoy the sunshine everyone & top up that vit D!

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Although it was painful at the time do you feel any better now?

I have been thinking about having reflexology so would be very interested to hear whether it makes a difference to how you feel.


At the time the pain was only in my foot at the points where she pressed them. I felt a bit lightheaded that night and very very tired (but then I usually feel tired) and my shoulders/neck really ached which was strange. But then my neck was one of the area's she pinpointed. Next day I was felt very anxious but did have a dentist appointment to have a crown removed ready to be replaced (because it broke after just 7 months)

The reflexologist suggested Bachs Rescue Remedy for the stress caused by exhausted adrenals which I am going to try - I figure there's nothing to lose trying it!


I love Rescue Remedy - went all the way to the south of France before I was diagnosed with Graves so you can imagine how jumpy I was - I was so stressed I spent my time alternating between spraying it into my mouth and sucking on the little Rescue Remedy gums. Great stuff worth giving it a try.

Liz :-)


Thats exactly what I said to my friend this morning 'Ive got to top up my vitamin D' so we sat there and cooked. I had to laugh at your reflexology - your heading says you paid for torture it was torture and there you are going back for more in a couple of weeks :-)

Interesting about the adrenals and pituitary gland areas though isn't it, make sure keep us posted as to how you get on.

Liz x


I know - sounds like a crazy idea but if it helps I'm willing to give it a try lol. I managed not to yell but said that really hurts there, what part of the body is that? Us thyroidies have to have a sense of humour or all is lost!


I enjoyed my reflexology,She found some uncomfortable areas and so much tension.I have felt light-headed the day after but much more comfortable in my body.It was so good I'm going back for reiki next.


I have reflexology and find it great,very reflexologist is excellent she can always tell me where she can feel problems she diagnosed my thyroid in the first place.I now go once a month and find it keeps me balanced.



It's facinating they can tell you so much, isn't it.


I have been considering reflexology and must say your comments made me smile suefossy with "torture" in your heading! It is several years since I had reflexology and I used to find it quite relaxing before thyroid was diagnosed and so it will be interesting to discover just how painful this method of alternative treatment would be now.

I will have to find a local Reflexologist and give this a try once again. It is a non-invasive therapy and if it helps to balance my body then it can only do me some good.

Good luck with your second session, we are all willing to try anything to improve our quality of life, Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, it's free lol.


Hi all

Just wanted to let you know, to please make sure the therapist you use is aware of your current health issues before you start with a treatment. There is a possibility of overworking the adrenals/thyroid making you feel worse. I would also advise drinking lots of water after the treatment to remove toxins. There is also a chance you will get a 24hour healing crisis, which should also be explained to you. I treat myself with reflexology/reiki every other day and it does make a difference, the reason I became a complementary therapist was because of my thyroid problems which started over 20 years ago. The areas that are being worked will feel uncomfortable like someone pressing on a bruise or stepping on a piece of glass - but should never feel like torture.

If I can help anybody regarding complementary therapies please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes and better health to all.



Don't worry I was treating this with humour. It didn't make me scream or shout but it did pinpoint my health issues. But it was an unusual sensation and certainly very uncomfortable in the area related to pituitary gland. We spend 1/2 hour before treatment discussing my medical history and I was told to drink lot of water which I do anyway. She explained healng crisis and gave me a sheet to log any symptoms in the following 48 hours. Nor did she overwork any areas as this was my first treatment.


i ve been a reflexologist and reiki practitioner for 14 years and it is surprising how much can be found on the feet

if it was very uncomfortable ask your therapist to use a lighter pressure

reflexology still works with a lighter touch

the pit gland is often sensitive in most people as it s the master gland for all your other glands that release hormones

i find it not sensitive in people who are trying for a baby with not much luck

its important for it to be sensitive

it is often within 24/48 hours after a treatment that some people may experience a worsening of their condition sometimes as a reaction to the treatment mostly its those tight muscles releasing all that held in lactic acid

drinking lots of water after a treatment is important

i do hope you continue to try this treatment as its very important for us all to spend some time being still and relaxed

best wishes



Oh dear I had booked all sorts of beauty treatments including reflexology for next week,to pamper myself after my horrendous time following my TT on the 18th June, but I was so ill last night I ended up in A & E! ....( I was treated by ...can't be bothered to read the really good advice printed out from the Health Unlocked site, i've never heard of this site, you shouldn't go there its stressing you out too much, and it is BAD Advice) arrogant doctors.... Go home with your burning acid tasting throat.. Which keep me awake for 2 nights.. Cos my some my tablets are getting stuck there and burning into my flesh.... There's nothing wrong with your throat!!!!!... My dizziness, headache, leg cramps, queasy stomach etc,etc, your blood tests are normal, your ECG was normal , ..... The paramedics rushed me there because of my racing uneven ECG and fainting spell .... Knew it would be a waste of MY precious time..... I will never go to that putrid place again even my save my life... It's not worth the hassle.... Hence I had to cancel all my pamper treatments in case I was too ill next week..... Nobody love me, everybody hates me, think I'm gonna eat worms, long thin curly ones ...., sing along you fellow suffers, you must know those words...., mind you I am 61, look like and feel like an ogre with the state of my TED eyes that are still so active my specialist can't operate yet.... My eyes are twice as bad as they were before my op, that I have applied for a white stick!!!!! I've have had a free bus pass for over a year because of my double vision and not allowed to drive ever again, daren't get on bus on my own, daren't cross a road without assistance cos if look side to side to monitor the traffic my glasses make me go dizzy, and the list goes on and on and on, bored yet my family are, they DON'T to know this empowered new Tish4 ,.... 'I won't let this Graves Disease beat me I will live my life to the full' ... My sister said ' why are you so angry, this is NOT the Tish I love and cherish, I DON'T like you anymore!!!!!!!! ' WE had travelled over 60 miles to see her and her family.... Because they couldn't be bothered to send me a card or visit me after my TT op, and they are going aboard for they holidaysthis weekend, we arrived at 2.30pm After an 11.00am meeting with a bureau that helps you claim the horrendous new PIP benefit, I haven't claim a penny except 6mths Jobseeker's Allowance when I was made redundant in July 2009, I've applied for jobs but not received 1 reply after working extremely hard for the same company since I left school at 15!!!!! WHY I Am So ANGRY!!!..... I give up....... God bless you all!!!!! xx


Don't cancel your pamper treatments. I hope I've not put you off & plan to go again so it can't really be that bad. When I was on T4 only my symptoms got far worse & I was signed off work fo 3 months. The thing that kept me going was treating myself to aromatherapy massages. The biggest benefits for me have been due to taking vitamin D and vitamin B12.


Thanks hotfeet, that's reassuring. Pituitary did worry me a little but didn't surprise me. The tension the following day was in my shoulders. I moved the computer etc round on my desk at work to see if different working position helps. Didn't realise I still had an issue with my neck, had whiplash 3 years ago. Clearly I hold tension there when I'm stressed. Hopefully the Bach Rescue Remedy will help with that xx


reflexology can find tension/congestion in an area that can be current or past trauma so the whiplash may still be a memory in your cells

most people have tension in their neck and shoulders from our posture, work position, driving a car, sleep position etc

keep on reflexing its a wonderful therapy



i am a complementary therapist too, or should i say was!--- each time i swapped a reflex treatment it was torture for me too , althou i neve had much time to swap as i was so busy, it just goes to show how these treatments 'talk', it is a natural way to treat, no drugs involved. i got too ill to carry on and gave up 2006, maybe if i had had plenty of treatments myself i would have been balanced an dnotgot ill. i wouldnt cancel any pampers just go with it and be aware of headaches , aches etc after, drink lots water.


Have you thought of body realignment for your whiplash?


What's body realignment? I had physio at the time but only 8 sessions. I'm fine most of the time but it's the first place I feel tension when under any stress.


Body Realignment is a protocol developed from Reiki, fascial release, ortho-bionomy, positional release, pressure points and massage.

With regards to whiplash, generally speaking the injury does not heal until the body has replayed the movements of the injury. It is a treatment which realigns the whole body; we do not think of one site of injury alone but of the compensatory patterns for the rest of the body.

It also deals with the trauma held within the cells of the body which restrict healing. An accident which causes whiplash will have many tramatic incidents 'attached' to it. When these are release the body can begin to heal itself. When I was studying I managed a release on a case study who had spent over 2 years having 'conventional' treatments for whiplash - it took one treatment of BR to get rid of the pain. Once gone it is gone for good.

I refer you to Jan Trewartha who has a lot of information about this on her website.

There are not many of us Body Realigners in the country; I am based near Salisbury. I am not promoting BR for business, I am getting enough, thank you, but because it can be an awsome treatment with outstanding results for people in pain.

Good luck.


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