Confusing symptoms, is it the Adrenals?

I would really appreciate some helpful advice from you lovely people ? At present I'm feeling very low in myself, tired, trembling hands, exhausted,tight heads and anxious at times. I thought these symptoms could be 'hyper', but my recent results don't tell me that :- TSH 0.05(0.27-4.20)....T4 18.1(12.0-22.0)...T3 5.5( 3.1-6.8). So my T3 is in a good position.

could those symptoms be attributed to the Adrenals? My homeopath seems to think so ? And if so if the adrenals are stressed could this give me hypo symptoms, even if the blood results are o.k?

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  • Has doctor checked your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate? All of these should be at an optimum level. Deficiencies can also cause unpleasant symptoms.

  • Oh thanks for your very quick reply. I am waiting for my vitamin D reply from the NHS labs, and I've got to go back for the ferritin and folate to be redone as they haven't been done. I didn't ask for my B 12 as I take it 3 times a week without fail and it's always a high result.

  • Have you had the Ferritin and Folate re-done ? How much B12 are you taking and which brand ? What was your B12 result before supplementing ?

  • I take Solgars methylcobalamin B12 1000ug and I've been taking it for 2/3 years now, (3 times a week). So I wouldn't remember what my result was before supplementing. My ferritin and folate were only tested on Monday. By the way you are replying on a post I put up last week. But I only had one reply so I put another one on today. - so sorry I'm confusing you Marz. I hold you in very high esteem !!!😃

  • Yes you are right 😊 I try to read previous posts of people to get the full picture and sometimes post when the mood takes me !!

    Will look out for the Ferritin and Folate results .....

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