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I feel good, well that's how the song goes

I justed wanted to update everybody on my progress.

The middle of April I decided to try a combination of T3 & T4, I'm self medicating because I have no thyroid for 8 years but been unwell for over 10.

Within 3 Weeks I had lost 7 lbs in weight, periods back to normal, extra energy, motervated and according to my family the old Lesley is back, in fact my husband said it was lovely to have the person he married back.

I have now joined a slimming club 3 Weeks ago so I am now a stone lighter, just another 2 to go.

I know I'm going to get back to my old weight because I'm no longer tired all the which was stopping me from having the motivation to do anything.

To everybody out there I just want you to know that you can get better but you May have to use an alternative route to you GP. Xx

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Well done Lesley, hope you continue to do well. Janet.


Amazing Lesley well done you for taking the initiative. It can and does happen ..believing it is not enough for some of us..we have to take charge of our own health and so often when we are too ill to even think.

So pleased to hear this from you. Just dont do too much remember to respect your good health.

Whoopee go girl happy days Lesley.


Brilliant Lesley - well done :) Hopefully you will now be able to get your T3 prescribed as you have proven I to be what you need to feel well again. Xxx


I won't be going back to the endo or my GP because they are not interested, they only go off the blood,test. X


Wow, that's amazing. May I ask what your doses are?


I take 100mg of T4 & 25mg of T3 in the morning about 8am and another 25mg of T3 at 1pm lunch time, that's when I feel that its wearing off. X


Great, thanks. Glad you're feeling so well.


Hi,thats great to hear and gives me bit of hope.can i ask more.. i need to self-med cos been suffering hashis w hypothyroid symptons for years and it all but ruined my life(docs wont help..)..and am trying to work out what to trial(NDT or T3&T4..)was thibk prefer NDT but as have read it can aggravate hashis maybe best try synthetic first.What dose did u start on and how fast did u increase(and do u use temp /pulse test to monitor)?Also,do u know if u need to get adrenals healthy before starting T3&T4?Lastly(and most importantly)is it poss for u to PM me about where u buy them from(&cost),please..?


great news lesley , am so glad for you ,don't over do it ,enjoy the summer x


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