Would 25 mg of levothyroxine make a great difference after 3 weeks of taking,

my doctor gave me a trial run of it after I badgered him, my tests show within normal range,

I have had half my thyroid removed 2 years ago, and suffer what i would call underactive thyroid symptoms, would lie to know anyone's thoughts on this ? I think ive been fobbed off ! He told me after 3 weeks I didnt need it, no blood test done,

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  • I found the extra 25mcg that my doctor gave me recently made a huge difference very quickly but that was on top of the 75 mcg that I had been taking once April. At the moment I'm alternating between 75 and 100 mcg. Not sure how it would be if you only had 25mcg.


  • 25mcg would probably, if anything, make you feel worse or just the same. Have you had your T4 and T3 tested to see what your thyroid is actually producing? If the doctor refuses you could do a home blood test:


    I think the one which would be simplest is the Blue Horizon Home Blood test which is a simple fingerprick. You can do TSH. T4, T3. At least you could see then what is happening.


  • Think i might try the home blood test thanks

  • My GP started me on 25mcg of Levothyroxine.After 2 months on this dose my TSH had risen from 13.64 to 19.17 and symptoms had worsened considerably.My dose was then raised to 75mcg and I started to feel a little better.x

  • no blood test was done, he only gave it to me as i pushed him to do a trial on it, after 3 weeks he said i didnt need it and upped my citalopram from 10mg to 20mg all that does is mask the symptoms i feel

  • Can i ask why you had half your thyroid removed.. Plus when your told normal range ,, you could actually be very high in range, plus depends what their range is.. Do you have your actual results?

  • was removed because i had a large nodule 2 years ago, dont have any actual results they just tell me within normal range, i asked if they had changed much since i had first had them done till now he said they had not, im surprised there wasnt a change after having half removed.

  • Never rely on a doctor saying "normal". Just ask for a copy of any blood test and you will be given it. Ignore any comment on the fact that you ask for it, as it is your right to be given a copy.

    Then you can post accurate results plus ranges as labs differ.

  • Get a new thyroid gland blood test ask for a full Thyroid Function and post the results on a new question. 25mcg would hardly have any affect. Clinical symptoms should be taken into account.

  • have now got a test kit from Blue Horizon but am not sure about when to do it as i would rather the levothyroxine was out of my system first, can anyone advise me how long it would stay in my system please, took 25mcg for 3 weeks and stopped it 5 days ago

  • It is such a small amount and the fact that you stopped 5 days ago, I think it would be o.k. to go ahead with your tests.

    Someone will also comment if they think my reply is not correct.

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