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double dna stand test

hiya to you all, just wondering if any one has had a double dna stand test, just a little about me, it all started 18 years ago when i got food poisoning, it started of with ibs and then 14 years ago i was diagnose with an underactive thyroid, my thyroid wasnt picked up on or even tested as i didnt show the normal symptom of a thyroid desease, well any way i was referred back to the hospital a few months ago due to a on going jaw problem and i had the full bloods work done for other autoimmune deseases and this test come back prositive, the test show i have lupus but im not in full blown lupus at the moment i have it mildly along with autoimmune thyroid desease, just wondering if anyone else has this,



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A little more about the double strand DNA test from an NHS lab:



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