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Hi everyone,

Still on the search for help with my symptoms and still fighting a losing battle with the doctors to be tested. I finally persuaded the doctor to test for antibodies and the results are back but I could do with some help interpreting them if anyone is able to please.

I asked for a thyroid antibody test which I am presuming has been done but the results show a test for Connective Tissue Disease. Is that the same thing? I quickly Googled it and there is reference to autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis but I can't see anything specifically relating to the thyroid.

Antibodies tested for are: U1RNP (RNP70,A,C), SS-A/Ro (60kDa, 52kDa),SS

There are others, but does this mean anything to anybody??

Thanks in advance

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Chickenmitch, none of those tests are specific for thyroid autoimmune disease. The tests required for hypothyroidism are thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab) and thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb). Your GP can certainly do the TPOab but TgAb may have to be done in endocrinology or via private tests.

I thought as much Clutter. They told me they had done the test before but then, when the result didn't materialize, they said that the lab had refused to do it. This time I asked the nurse when she took the blood and it definitely said on the request form to do thyroid antibody test. Nothing on the result sheet is what I was expecting. Could the lab simply refuse even though the GP has specifically requested a test? Really had enough of this now!!!

Chickenmitch, Looks like the lab either declined to test or lost the results. Your GP should reorder the thyroid antibody tests.

In an ideal world Clutter but I had to beg to get them done this time. I think it will be the private route for me now!!

The labs are terrible, not only for thyroid. I had an HbA1c done for diabetes. I was given new medicine and my GP wanted to have me tested again to see if it was working, so sent me for another test three months later, together with other blood tests. When the results came back there was a note saying that as I had already had an HbA1c done less than six months ago they would not be doing it. So if the medication was not working properly my GP would not know for a further three months. It never used to be like that. The labs would do whatever and whenever a doctor asked for it.

Did you know that hypothyroidism, causes false, raised, HbA1c results?

No I didn't. I wonder if my diabetes nurse know this. Surely though if I am well medicated this should not happen.

I have run into so many people who think they are properly medicated, but a low free t3 level and high reverse t3, cause type 2 diabetes and people never have them tested. So many people with heart ailments, high cholesterol, can't loose weight, no energy etc.. on levothyroxine only. I wish i had the energy to find the links, but you can google low t3 causing type 2 and high reverse t3 and diabetes.. Did you know that in the old days, diabetes was treated with high doses of aspirin, effectively? It is actually a disease caused by inflammation and people with hashimotos have plenty of that. Altho, type 1 would be autoimmune. It is all tied together. I am choosing to ignore my usually high A1c because i have so many other symptoms too.

Left to the NHS I would definitely still be undertreated but fortunately I had a private test done, which found my T3 below range, T4 at bottom of range, but TSH smack in middle of range (hence GP telling me I need anti depressants as only my TSH was tested on NHS). Even when showing them my private test results I was told they took no notice of T3. That sent me straight into the arms of a knowledgeable private doctor who immediately prescribed T3. I graduated onto Armour and have been on it ever since - and with all thyroid symptoms gone (even though NHS still only do TSH, which is ridiculous when on Armour), I know if HbA1c is up it is due to some indiscretions during the previous three months ;)

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