Day 5 after the op

Just been to see practise nurse and all is healing well, Still fairly swollen but allowed to have a shower and she gave me waterproof dressing. I had a night from hell last night . The anaesthetic does evil things to your bowel movements and the constipation pain was eye watering ..very lonely time sitting in the loo 2am the pain was so severe I actually threw up twice. Then ..something major happened the lactose tablet I took 7 pm the previous night went to work! I think I now need imodium to stop IT! Kitten was wide awake too and wanted to have a play arghhhh. Not much hungry coffee goes down a treat though. Sleep needed right now :o) Cheerio.

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  • Hi, I have constipation due to iron tablets, I find that if I take a ducolax stool softener it is like going to the toilet naturally. Better than the gripes that some constipation relief tablets give . Glad things are improving for you, hope you can get some quality sleep too. Take care

  • It was ducolax and on the brink to take imodium now lol , thanks for the reply :o)

  • Oh you poor soul - good that apart from all that you are making good progress - I can just picture the night you had, kitten and all. Lets hope you and the kitty get a decent sleep tonight.

    Liz :-)

  • Thanks Liz , I am ok now and able to eat prober too. Kitten is still palyful and full of mischief .

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