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Does anyone have any ideas with regards to my blood test results which are at the moment baffling me?

I have Hashimotos Thyroidistis and have suffered some fairly severe symptoms in the past, but have now had my illness under control with thyroxine and a number of other suppliments. I went slightly hyper last year but my GP adjusted my thyroxine and I adjusted suppliments and all in all for about a year and half I have felt myself. Over the past few months I've started to get those good old symptoms back....morning voice, weight gain, no energy, muscle weakness, aching joints, tearful etc. Anyway went to my GP, had blood tests....I expected totally different results......

TSH 0.08 (0.4-4.5)

Free T4 8 (range 7.5-22)

Ferritin was on the low side of normal but iron was fine

I've asked if I can have T3 included in the test but the answer is currently no, going back in 2 weeks to have the bloods redone as my GP is also a bit baffled. They will only redo the TSH, Free T4 though my GP has agreed to measure magnesium as I've also been suffering from cramp in my legs and feet.

I'm a bit baffled, I'm going to start checking my basal body temperature and my blood pressure on a daily basis......does anyone have any ideas?

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what is 'baffling you'?

your bloods show low levels of fT4 which correspond with how you are feeling (hypo I would say?) don't look at the TSH that does not tell you anything really :)


Ok thanks, I assumed if your TSH was really low, your FT4 would be high.

I've just read that low TSH and low T4 could indicate a problem with the Pituitary gland (but I guess if one part of the endocrine system is out it affects the rest of it) do you think I just need to have my Thyroxine increased? K x


the obvious thing I would imagine is to try an increase in meds yes, see if that makes you feel better.

your fT4 is low but in range not below range so it is more likely to be just a need to increase meds than a pituatiry problem at this stage.


Thanks very much appreciate your advice K x


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