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Have been on Levo 25mcg since 4/5/13 (blood results on 15/4/13 showed)

TSH 8.35


new bloods show:

TSH 4.63 range 0.35 - 5.00

T4 13.2 range 11.00 - 23.00

asked receptionist re prescription (casue nearly out of meds) and told me that as Dr says its normal, no change in meds needed.

I am still waiting TPO and allergy testing results.

What should I do?



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Don't be confused. It is your doctor (and receptionist?) who are confused.

It would be quite normal to increase your dose to, say, 50 micrograms based on those results and the time you have been on 25. The only excuse could be that it will be done when you see GP about the TPOab test - which I imagine will be soon?



Hi Rod

I'm hoping so - when I asked was just given a blank look!

We have just got new Dr so maybe should try her out next week, when hopefully results will be in.



If possible, try to get tested for vitamin B12,folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D as well... :-)



I'm already taking prescribed iron (ferrous fumerate) cause level was 14 (range 12 - 300) on 24th April. Have retest booked for July. Will ask about the other tests when see Dr. Such a lot to take in and learn :-)


It is, I agree!

I hope you take the ferrous fumarate well away from the levothyroxine? At least four hours apart!

Iron compounds form stable complexes with levothyroxine and the complex goes right through without getting absorbed. So it is like you are taking less levothyroxine.



Hi, thanks to this site I don't take until mid morning :-). The Dr did not explain any of this, just gave prescription and shoo'd out of door - or so it seemed.

I was able to pass this nugget of advice onto someone I met at work yesterday as she wasn't advised of this either and was also eating her breakfast immediatley after taking her levo and iron!


So many GPs really need to improve their attitude and service. Shocking. Well done to you for passing on the info!

I hope you soon feel great - at least the T4 is helping things go in the right direction.

Good luck with getting 'optimal' results - 'normal' isn't really good enough for many on T4 therapy.



Saw new Dr tonight - she was really good. Apologized for receptionist too! Anyway now got increase on meds to 50mcg levo. She also seemed surprised I was prescribed just 1x iron pill when ferritin so low - 12, told her I was also taking spatone off my own accord and reading on here of course. Still waiting for TPO results to come back from city hospital. Anyway she wants to get my TSH to about 1 - so I am feeling much better :-)



Yes, sooo much that you need to know. Please pursue the information because your GP probably won't and your health is at stake.


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