dosing with t3 advice needed please

Finally picked up t3 from hospital pharmacy today. Dr has prescribed 20mcg split in two doses. I am wondering if this is too much I am 65. Grateful for your opinions.

It says on Leaflet- for elderly to only take 5mcg a day.I couldn't tolerate levo.I am phoning secretary for new blood results tomorrow so should know fT3 figure as a baseline.

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If you are worried you could try splitting the table into smaller pieces and take a smaller dose for a few days. If you are ok with that you could gradually increase every few days until you reach the prescribed dose. If you notice symptoms, just reduce the dose again for a while and try again the following week.

I hope you find it works for you. It is like a miracle for some people :)

Carolyn x

Hi Carolyn Thanks for your reply. Yes I am a bit worried about taking too much too soon as after failing to tolerate levo I very much want this to work and want a miracle. I just want to be well.I will take it in small doses as you;ve suggested.thank you again


Jill, I'm not sure if your age is relevant but T3 is so different for a lot of people when they take it. I could not take levo, it was a nightmare after being diagnosed I assumed the pills would fix everything I just got really ill with symptoms I hadn't even had before very very quickly, (witin 3 days) eventually my GP said ooo you could try T3, (I was taking smaller and smaller amounts of Levo cutting tiny pills up but made no difference) the T3 was fantastic for me. I just took the whole amount (split into 2 doses during day) and was literally instantly better and brilliantly well. I really hope you are the same. good luck


Hi Carol Thanks for your advice. It is so good to hear of other people not being able to tolerate levo. you begin to doubt your own sanity.I am really hoping it does as you say but I am going slowly with the dose.The secretary wouldn't give me the results today-said its not hospital policy,said to see Gp who can access them or wait for follow up appointment.

Glad to hear you are doing so well. Jill

yes for me 20ug was too much (gave me abnormal blood results and I didn't feel good either) and I tried all combinations of T4 along with it. 10ug was ok but I'm starting to think even that might be too much and 5ug might be better. Start with 5ug and work your way up if you feel you need it. Doctors are so new to using T3 and they don't really know what is an appropriate dose as there are no guidelines.

Hi Hashi since age 9 Thanks for your advice I have started with 5mcg and am going to raise slowly.Doctor did say he doesn;t use it.


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