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What do you all think of these blood test results?

Many thanks for all of the comments re my situation but I have now obtained the blood test results from my visit to the endo on 10th June. Although he did not have this info in front of him at the clinic- it would appear that he is right about the T3 result being too high. I am hopeless at interpreting the results and wonder what you all feel about them. I must say that I did reduce the afternoon dose to 10 mcg for a week on his advice ( therefore making daily doseage 30 mcg) but did not feel so good as when I was taking 20 mcg twice a day.

My results are as follows: TSH - <0.01mU/L 0.27-4.20 L

FREE T4 14.6pmol/L 12.0 -23.00

FREE T3 9.8pmol/L 4.0-7.8H

I would be very interested in what you guys think of the results and what you would do if you were me. Just do not want to go back to how I was feeling prior to taking T3.

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How long was it between your last dose of T3 and the blood draw for that test?

Wondering if the test is showing the peak from taking your tablet rather than a more representative level. I suspect that quite a few people who take T3 are likely to have a peak which is over top of range, but that drops away quite quickly.



Oh thank you for this Rod. I could kick myself for not realising this. I had taken 20mcg of T3 about 2 hrs before blood test. ( I didn't think he was going to be taking a other blood test . He only did so because he couldn't trace the results of the test done a week before my appt otherwise I wouldn't have taken that tablet)

You guys are so knowledgable - I find it really difficult retaining everything I have learnt re thyroid ism and really appreciate the pointers .


Promise you, we all find it difficult. For what initially appears a really simple system, it gets more complicated each day!



Yes, no doubt T3 was high in the bloodstream. Well, you have an excuse but your GP doesn't. Why didn't your GP realize this?


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