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Has anyone else had laryngitis and allergies (hayfever, rhinitis etc) and been recommended thyroxine and been cured?

I have been having repeated attacks of laryngitis on and off for the past 2 years (I've always had a bout of laryngitis, ever since I can remember- maybe once a year/2years). 2 weeks ago, my Dr prescribed for me, a steroid inhaler and 75 mg of levothyroxine. He said that I was asthmatic and borderline with my thyroid - I had NO idea that there was a problem with my thyroid! I had put my weariness down to the fact that I'm 56 years of age and looking after my 2 grandchildren 3 times a week (exhausting!!). I realised after looking through the check list of symptoms for thyroid that I have had those symptoms for years and wish that I had taken more care of my health and not put all of the vague symptoms that I was getting, down to menopause/my age/stresses of teenagers/grown up children/grandchildren...even my lovely old dog dying last year!

Incidentally, my Dr also gave me nistanin, as I had a white tongue! I have finished the nistanin now, but tongue still a little bit white! He has now prescribed a 'spacer' for my inhaler- apparently it helps stop dry throat and white tongue thing! I will see how I get on and will continue to look at your website, it's good and has helped me understand thyroid problems a little more!

I used to go on mega walks with my dogs, but have found that I feel so tired and listless with all of this asthma/laryngitis/allergy that I'm exhausted and very fed up! Can anyone boosts my spirits by letting me know how they managed?


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I have had to use an inhaler, I was severely under-dosed for seven years, because my thyroxine was reduced from 150 to 100mcg and while I was underdosed I had to progress from just using anti-histamine nasal spray due to perennial rhinitis, to having two different inhalers and still being unable to sleep lying down.

During my research into why I was so ill, I found out about what Dr Lowe called 'Air Hunger' being a common symptom of hypothyroidism, and that and many other things I learned from Thyroid UK prompted me to fight for an increase of thyroxine. I had a small increase and since then I have steadily improved and have almost given up my inhalers. I still use the nasal spray because I get so congested.

You might find this blog I wrote of interest:

I would like to think that the closer I get to optimal medication, the better I will be.

Marie XX


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