Breathless on D3

Ok, so basically, I've just paid to have my Vit D measured and it came back as 25 (lowest part of the range was 30 and went up to 200 or something ... sorry am at work and my brain fog has kicked in! and of course I don't have my results) ... anyhow, my point is that I started to take Vit D3 supplements (2000 iu a day) and it causes me to become breathless (I have tried taking 2 different types of Vit D3), I get asthma attackes and end up gasping for breath....I even tried lowering to 1000 iu a day and still the same thing occurs...anyone else had this?...what can I do? I can't take it but if it falls any lower surely everything else will become worse???? help, please :(

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  • It appears there are quite a few people having problems with Vit D supplements.

    My vit D level is 12 so severe deficiency but I can't tolerate the supplements. I have only been prescribed 800iu by my GP although my Consultant wants me to take at least 4,000iu, so far I can't even manage the 800iu, they make me really really tired, give me a headache and make me feel sick, I also get breathless but that may be another issue.

    Sorry, I don't have a solution but you are not alone. Interested to hear any thoughts on this.

  • Sometimes just the knowledge that you're not alone helps!thank you for replying!maybe we'll both get some answers on Here :)

  • You're not alone :) But I don't have an answer for you either. I'm another who can't take D supplements. I can't even take 400iu a day. If I do, by the fourth day I feel absolutely dreadful, with symptoms that I originally mistook as being related to thyroid hormone issues. e.g. extreme fatigue, brain fog etc.

    There are a few known conditions that can be related to vitamin D intolerance, so you might want to talk with your GP about getting checked for these. Lyme Disease and Parathyroid problems plus I think Sarcoidosis.

  • Lyme disease?.....great!I'm going to my docs to see what they can tell me....I got bitten by a tick 10years ago whilst on holiday and got told I should get checked for it but the docs here wouldn't give me the tests...if it turns out that's what this is all about I'll be peeved!!!thanks for the heads up!do you know what makes you intolerant to Vit D?

  • No, I haven't yet found the answer to my intolerance to vit D. I've tried many different forms of the supplement, all with the same result. I've tried bypassing the digestive system by transdermal application (rubbing an oil based supplement into the skin), but had just as bad a reaction.

    GP checked me for things I mentioned above, but all ok. I have searched the net often and there are a few people like me, all searching for answers. The vit D experts don't seem to want to even acknowledge the issue, let alone offer any help!

    I am not intolerant to sunshine in the same way, so can in theory boost levels that way. But of course this is the UK, and I can't afford holidays in sunny climates... so I stay deficient much of the year :(

  • It's ridiculous.....went to see the doc yesterday about it and he didn't seem to think it a massive problem....said I could come back once I've tried a few more types of supplement as 4 just wasn't enough....more money unnecessarily down the drain!argggg.....gonna try combining it with Vit K2 to see if that makes a difference....have you tried doing that?...don't think absorbing through the sun is an option in this country...not if you're really low :(

  • I've tried a D3+K2 combined sublingual called D Dots. It seemed at first that it might be better, but then the same old symptoms set in again. I was ony taking half a 1,000iu tablet on alternate days (equates to 250iu daily)!

    I also bought some K2 with the intention of trying separate D and K supps, but haven't plucked up courage to try again.

  • hmmm, well, am currently on day 2 of Vit D3 drops (1000iu) and a seperate K2 suppliment so will see how it far so good which is always a bonus!....will keep you updated to how it goes...maybe it was all the rubbish in the suppliments that was affecting me?...time will tell....what are you planning on trying next?...someone here suggested trying a small dose for a week then gradually increasing....sounds like a good idea considering vit D is a hormone and it's what we do with thyroxine?...think that's my next plan of action if this fails! :)

  • I'm actually very interested in exploring the specific probiotic connection to vitamin D that I've seen mentioned. I absolutely know my gut flora was way off balance prior to eventually being diagosed with 'severe hypothyroidism', with a follow-up diagnosis of IBS which I'd never ever had pre thyroxine treatment.

    So I've long theorised that for some of us there could be a gut flora / bacteria issue that's preventing proper utilisation of oral D supplements.

    Interestingly, this links in with the news item posted here last night

  • Yeah I saw that! makes sense if you're taking suppliments (which we are).....and I have also been diagnosed with low "good" bacteria in the stomach......doesn't help that they suck all the good bacteria out of all our food along with the bad!....hmph.....unfortunately eating those pro biotics isn't going to help much, there are so few bacteria in them that, for the cost, it's hardly worth it!...may have to buy a cow and hope that I can keep it hidden in the park down the road from me ;) ....unpasteurised milk is (apparently) one of the best sources of good bacteria around :)

  • Hi, my gp prescribed 800iu a day, in tablet form as I was very low. There was so many other things in the tablet, that they upset my stomach. I am seeing a private doctor now who gave me a liquid D3 which you just put under you tongue and since taking it, she prescribed 8000iu a day, i have had no problems. I'm don't know if you have tried it, its nutri advanced D3 drops, liquid vitamin D formula.

  • Am sooo glad it's not just me!thought I was going mad and that it was all in my head!!! Will have to try liquid Vit D, do you know if you can get it off perscription?my doctor seems to think Vit D deficiency isn't something we need to bother about unfortunately

  • Yes, you can order it online.

    Kat x

  • Fab,thank you! Just found a slightly different one on the holland and Barrett website so may pop in there tomorrow!thanks again :)

  • I think we should all be prescribed a Caribbean holiday instead!

    I take liquid D3 and it always gives me a little bit of palpitations. Less and less though so I suppose I am less deficient now?


  • Lol! The NHS won't even stretch to proper thyroid testing...but we can dream! Lol!....hopefully the liquid Vit D will help...will make a note not to watch out for palpitations...thank you :)

  • Yep just googled and Nutri Advanced D3 drops can be bought online. Another one to try is BetterYou DLux sub lingual spray, I have a sample 3000 one but haven't yet tried it.

    Just been brave and taken my second Fultium capsule today, first time I have tried doubling up so will see how manky that makes me feel, yeah fun times, not.

  • Good luck! going to get some liquid Vit D tomorrow from the shops and see how it goes :)

  • Bear in mind Hashoo, that 12 is pretty low D.

    Have you tried titrating your intake from low levels daily, like 250iu then increase [double it?] every week to say a max of 4000iu?

    [Normally considered safe in cold/darker climes]

    D levels can take time to restore and the amount provided by the sun is well in excess of supplements -so it's probably an absorption problem and your body needs time to adjust. Our bodies didn't develop in modern times!

    If you do this ,make sure you continue testing. K2 is helpul as you know so keep that going.

    NB: It does increase blood clotting time ,as well, so people on blood thinners need to steer clear for this reason.

  • it stops the blood from clotting as quickly?.....haven't tried increasing in stages but it makes sense....will try that next if the drops start giving me a on day 2 (1000 iu D3) and so far so taking K2 suppliment (67% RDA) but I know that these things take time to react to!....arggg...why does it all have to be so complicated?...the fight goes on :)

  • I felt ill when I took 5000 IUs a day and I quickly recognised the symptoms as being low magnesium levels because I'd had an ongoing problem for a long time, took a lot of magnesium, and tested myself regularly. I went along for a test and, sure enough, my level had plummeted. Someone posted a link to a website on here that explained it all and I've managed to find it: I seem to be ok taking 2000 IUs along with all my usual magnesium, so hopefully you'll find that if you address that you can tolerate some vitamin D.

  • Thanks for that but unfortunately I tested my magnesium levels a couple of weeks ago and they're within range :( (2mg/dl in a range 1.6 - 2.3)....for some reason your link isn't working for me so can't check out what the full thing was :( ....someone else suggested taking Vit K with it to keep calcium under control so going to try taking that as have tried taking magnesium supplements at the same time but to no avail :('s all so complicated!!

  • Magnesium doesn't help me either.

  • Sorry, here's the proper link: Is that a plasma magnesium result? They're pretty meaningless, unfortunately, since unless you're in a coma or something they will be normal. The Red Cell Magnesium test is far more helpful as it gives an indication of how much magnesium is in your cells, but I'm not sure it's available on the NHS. I have to make a massive effort with magnesium. I take it orally, do Epsom salts baths, occasional injections and I nebulise magnesium sulphate crystals and it still isn't enough to keep my red cell magnesium in the normal range!

  • Hmmm....the link still isn't working for me :( .....arggg.....ermmm...I don't know....I paid for it privately...I'll have to have a look and see what it says when I get home...I do the epsom salt baths anyhow as (am I right in saying this) it won't absorb unless I need it? (not sure about that but that's what I thought) plus I eat loads of beetroot which apparently is V high in it.....just keep trying new things and hoping something will work! :)

  • ahhh, it worked!...removed the dot as tegz suggested! gonna read it over a cuppa tonight!! thank you :) looks like I may have to start taking suppliments for this too then!!! :)

  • Zabby- you need to remove the dot at the end of the url in your post for the link to work properly.

    The article is still there OK!

  • YAY...thank you, this worked :)

  • Arggg....I can't reply to people...will try again tomorrow....I really appreciate everyone's input...not sure if my ipad is playing up or if it's the "reply to this" link on the page :(

  • Just a thought but are those lamps that people with Seasonal Effected Disorder use any good for Vit D? You can buy them quite easily and then use them a few hours a day whenever you need but I haven't a clue if they help with Vitamin D production?

  • Unfortunately not. SAD lamps do not emit UVB rays, which are the rays required to trigger vitamin D production through the skin.

    There are a few retail suppliers of UVB lamps, but they are very small lamps, and thus can only cover small areas of the body at a time, making it generally quite impractical to use for any serious vit D deficiency purpose. They're also overly expensive for what they are. In the US it's possible to find tanning salons with beds which also emit UVB rays, but here in the UK they are a rarity. If one has the space and cash to spare (I have neither!), it's possible to buy a tanning bed with UVB tubes for use at home.

  • Well, I plan to win the lottery soon so when I do I'll get one to go with my mansion ;) hehe....well, we can but dream, mind you if it came down to it, maybe would just be better to take long holidays in the sun! lol....ah day!! :)

  • I'm dreaming of my own villa in Italy ;)

  • I couldn't do that....I'd die of eating myself to death ;) lol....mmmmm Italian food is amazing!!!! hehe

  • Oh so true!

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