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This is all new to me, any advice welcome

Hi I am 53, I have always had dry brittle hair and nails but apart from that fine.

This year I put on a stone for no reason, I then started to feel tired and not able to keep my energy levels up, then my head started to feel like my brain was stuck in 2nd gear, then I got constipation ( I normally go 3 times a day) I had 2 TSH tests done privatly 8.7 then a few weeks later 5.3 so went to my GP he also did 2 tests 7.3 then a week later 5.8

My free thyroxine 11.95

T4 61.8 and free T3 4.26

My GP said your fine it's all normale so I got some thyroxine from net and have been on 50mcg for a month, I have also seen an consultant and he said he will right to my GP to get me in the system and my meds from NHS. I feel soo much better and normal however I can't shift the weight and it's getting me down that my clothes don't fit, I do lots of exersise as I enjoy it and eat resonably healthy . Will the weight start to shift given enough time or am I stuck with it.

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Tiggey22 What are your latest test results? Can you please post them, with their reference ranges (important as ranges vary from lab to lab) and say whether you were taking Levo at the time.

You also need to test

Vit D




These all should be at optimal levels (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to work properly, and low levels cause many symptoms.

If you can't get these done through your GP then you can get a private fingerprick test to do at home, as well as full thyroid tests.

Losing weight is usually only possible when we're optimally medicated and have a good level of FT3. The fact that you're doing lots of exercises probably isn't helping at the moment. Hard exercise depletes T3 so you need to be optimally medicated with a good level of T3.

Also, a month on Levo is nowhere near long enough to feel the full benefit, it can take months. You really need to re-test 6 weeks after starting your levo to see if you need an increase, if so you then re-test 6 weeks after the increase to check your levels again, and so on until you feel well.


Tests where done over 6 weeks, no meds taken during this time and I have a test booked in for 2 weeks.

TSH 8.7 ( 0.270-4.200)

Free thyroxine 11.95 (12.00-22.00)

T4 61.8 (59.00-154.00)

T3 4.26 (3.100-6.800

Next test

T4 12.43 ( 12-22)

TSH 5.3 ( 0.270-4.200)

Nest test

TSH 7.37 ( 0.35-5.00)

Next test

TSH 5.81 ( 0.35-5.00)

These tests where done in this order over about 5 weeks. No meds taken during this time and fasting . So it's bouncing around a little


Where all the tests done at the same time, and fasting? If not, you can't compare them.

But, I have to say, your TSH says 'hypo' each time!


I was fasting. Not on any meds and they where done over around 5 weeks.


I think GG means what time of day. TSH levels change throughout the 24 hours so you can only really compare if blood taken at same time. It's higher time the morning hence the recommendation to book tests as early as possible.


They where all between 9-10 so fairy good in timing.

My GP thinks if you don't have antibody s you don't have a problem so I feel a bit like I have gone behind his back


He is a "rhymes with mat". Yes high TPO or TG antibodies means Hashis, which is the most common reason for going hypo, but not the only one. And the NHS rarely test TGab. If you hadn't taken matters into your own hands you would't be getting any better. so he doesn't deserve your loyalty. Would you keep on using a plumber who left your loo leaking?


Your quite right if it where a plumber no. I guess GPS are general and if it's not an area of their personal interest they may be less likely to investigate further


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