Blood pressure meds offered yet t3 not tested?

After a thyroid check my bp was high again and the nurse suggested medication. I'm reluctant to take bp medicine when it could be caused by me being a poor converter . They wouldn't test that as tsh was ok . I'm seriously considering private blood tests .. How easy are they to use? Bp only high since total thyroidectomy

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  • Hello Thyroidmeg, you can get a blood test back to do at home, it's just a fingerprick and a tiny vial. I did that one myself and I am truly, truly a coward! It was a real saga - I had the thing for 2 days and kept putting it off and putting it off - and when I eventually crawled into a secret hidey-hole to do it (didn't want anyone to see a grown woman cry) it was so quick and easy I actually laughed till I cried that I'd made such a fuss. If I tell you I almost had a total breakdown over having my ears pierced, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

    I will definitely do that one again. I had the TSH, T4 and T3 tested, it was so simple. Look on here:

    I am not sure if any of the others do home blood tests but Blue Horizon do, and it is very quick.

    You are obviously aware that high BP is a symptom of under-treated hypothyroidism, and of course you and I, having no thyroid at all, are about as hypo as hypo can get!

    Marie XX

  • Thanks I'm going to order it then :) will do it tomorrow would be good to know for sure x

  • Hi Yes you certainly need TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, After surgery ,as a little thyroid left anyway, common to need treatment , it should be treated, in the same way as if not had an OP, Bloods and ranges essential for safe treatment. You will also need another test after a 6 weeks on T3, remember to split the dose and better to start on half the prescribed amount, for about the first week, reduces risk of side effects.Then make sure the GP does the other autoimmune hormonal tests, should be done annually with thyroid disease.

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  • Aack! I'm new to this site have been hypo for over 30 years and on 200 mcg daily but WHAT are the annual tests for autoimmune you're referring to please? Have high BP, fibromyalgia, killer headaches every day, really weird things popping up in bloods like cardiolipin antibodies, rheumatoid factor but nothing ever points to a definitive diagnosis. Fatigue levels constant. Never had T3 tested either. Help!

  • Hi Jayne, Yes I have been Hypo many years, Treatment has changed a lot since that time.Especially regarding T3.Incidentally if difficulty having enough thyroid tests, TSH, T4 and Free T3, ,then if you are willing to pay, you now can have them on line, DIY.Have you got your last test results with ranges?Post them if possible. Headaches etc often low FT3, remedy often some T3 on a script with possibly a little less or the same T4 ( Levo)My GP will not do FT3 now, essential, so I pay through Blue Horizon main site, quote TUK 10 for discount, the 3 tests cost "£60-£70 with the discount. Well known Lab, finger prick or venous blood.

    The annual tests that are autoimmune and hormonal are vit D ( if low corrected calcium test before treatment, ) repeat both on treatment after 3 months, Diabetes, B12 and Foliates ( need to be high in range), ferritin/ iron needs to be well in range.

    These can all effect the thyroid results etc., quite common for the thyroid to go worse over time and for the body stop converting enough T4 to FT3, why often treatment with both, only the blood results will show this.

    I hope that is some help. Most of us need T4 in top third of range and FT3 near the top.BP probably under treated, cholesterol if high too, needs testing .Do not have BP treatment without a 24 hour home monitor, NICE say that too now.

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  • Thanks for the info and inspiration Jackie! I don't have copies of my tests but will get hold of them. I'm in Australia but there will surely be online options if I have a problem getting my doc onside. She's pretty good but for the past 5 years has been tracking a host of weird symptoms with flares so bad I sometimes can't get out of bed. Thinking vasculitis but could be overlooking the more obvious.

    Had a 24 hour monitor, etc but still couldn't say WHY my BP went up after a lifetime of low-normal (it also fluctuates so I home monitor ). Heart, cholesterol all good.

    Last PD was possible behcets but so much overlap between symptoms of that and not so simple T3 and other thyroid problems. At least I now have questions to ask. Time to take more control of my health.

    Many thanks and best wishes to you too.


  • Hi I understand medicine about the same in Australia, warts and all! Do check your U`s and E`s as, it could be mild renal disease, unlikely to be anything serious without pain, infection, etc, I have severe liver and kidney disease, a life long condition, However, it can still cause unexpected slightly higher BP. In other words, Symptoms etc an oyster, could be so much. My own Endo is a marvellous al round "proper " doc, and because of the speciality , just so knowledgeable, Keep in touch and do find the answer, I am convinced there is one!


  • I have no thyroid left I had a total thyroidectomy. I've had 2 of the annual tests done.blood tests all ok

  • Hi High BP I would ask for an extra test to make sure the levels are still good. must be the 3 I can no longer get FT3 done NHS here. I always pay now ( pest) through Blue Horizon, main site, very simple and quick too. I have the 3, quote TUK 10 for discount, with that, finger prick ( simpler) or venous blood , prices £60=£70 with the discount.Also checked by a Harley St. Doc, for major discrepencies, they then tell you, like me! More reliable than NHS, well known Lab ,so OK to show any doc for treatment.Diabetes, can cause high BP and cholesterol, autoimmune and hormonal You should be having the other tests NHS, I would go and ask,/ insist on them, even my penny pinching surgery do those with out a quibble!With finger prick tests, drink a glass of water, a little before and run hands under hot water fist.

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  • Nurse said blood test said ive not got diabetes and my cholesterol she said was very low.

    Will Post results when I got it all done

  • I think when you haver had the 3 thyroid tests, if nothing obvious, ie low Ft3 ( I need mine very high in range, although TSH low too.), you may be should be looking elsewhere. As I am sure you know ,once something diagnosed easy for medics to say it is connected.To start with I would find a really good Endo and ask for a referral depending,but pick one first, yourself.A friend was thought to have thyroid disease for years, went to a top hospital and saw 3 Endo`s in total. Then she saw mine and was diagnosed with low B12, in range, but low, it has made a huge difference.Have you had your Adrenals tested and PTH? Adrenals the only good test ( according to my Endo) is 24 hour urine collection, cortisone ( script) at midnight and blood test at 9 am, PTH ( parathyroid) First test, is blood test AM , for PTH, Corrected calcium and vit D, must all be together, if all high or 2 high , over range, and D high for you. Then nuclear scan and CT, also thyroid ultra sound.

    I hope this all gives you some ideas.Apart from my End who is brilliant , I normally find I have to self diagnose and get the treatment, especially if confused by say thyroid issues.I would also make sure you have had U`s and E`s done, kidney function.Really the list is endless, so keep working on it!

    I hope you sort it out. Yes, please do post your ranges. There is an answer ,just need to find it!! Easy said than done but health so important, speaking as a total wreck myself!

    Best wishes,


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