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Hi All,I just had my Vitamin D results back - total 31.5!! I had the test done privately so am I right in thinking I need to take this to the doctors to get their advice on treating rather than just take vitamins? Bit scared to take it in as I feel like I've gone behind them in having the test done (very silly I know - thyroid to blame for no self confidence!)

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  • My test result wasn't far from that. I supplemented ordinary D3 capsules for a several months. Re-tested - sensible numbers. Dropped dose a bit.

    Went to GP, said what I had done, he thought for a few moments and endorsed exactly what I had done. He was, I think, actually happy that I didn't need to bother him, had taken responsibility for myself, and had told him. (And by chance alone, the day before he had been on a vitamin D training day!)

    I know we have seen a huge range of approaches ranging from tiny amounts every day through to a single gigantic megadose. I chose modest doses every day.

    Dose I took at highest was 4800 or 6000 each day, more normal level somewhere between 3000 and 4000. But everyone is different and you might well not need as much.


  • That's great, thanks Rod, can I ask if you took a calium supplement with it too - I read somewhere that one has links to the other but really can't remember what it said!

  • I encourage you to read some of the better sites, for example:

    The issues are never quite as simple as yes/no! :-)

    I didn't take any extra calcium.


  • Thank you

  • Hi Yes, you need to see GP ,or better the Endo, if under one they should have tested it. You need to have a corrected calcium test before treatment ( script if possible), also if taking D,retests of both in 3 months of both, corrected calcium goes up on D and must always be in range, it can suddenly go too high, very important as this causes lots of things ,all bad!

    Best wishes,


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