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Good Afternoon all,

I have just got confirmation that I have a cyst on my thyroid, previous to this I thought my thyroid had gone underactive. Symptoms includes going from insomia to sleepng anything from 8 to 16hrs. General tiedness, no energy, Pains that start in my knees, next day, ankles, next day shoulder. My throat feels sore and like theres a lump in it. All my bloods have come back all normal. I'm going to see the Specialist next Tuesday re the cyst and I will keep you informed as to what is happening. I would like to know if anybody else has had the same sort of thing and I'm not really imaging these...I know the pain is real (ouch!!! :-0 ) and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

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  • I also found out image a cyst on the left lobe, but as its small (under 5mm) I was told there would be no further action... Seeing a private endo in a week or so, will see what he says.

    I have a hoarse voice and discomfort when swallowing, exactly where the cyst is located, but they said it can't be causing my symptoms. I asked whether a cyst could fill and empty? The answer was 'don't know'.

    Hope you get yours sorted out, I was told if t was bigger they would do a fine neede aspiration to send to be tested.

    Best wishes x

  • Hi If it was me for the reason below, just in case, I would insist on a biopsy, not a big procedure. I have nodules etc but not able to have biopsies, or treatment any way due to other conditions. My private Endo said that for other people very important. I cannot help thinking some one, some where is trying to save money. If it is a problem , better to know when tiny than later.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi You can still be Hypo or Hyper with cysts, nodules etc., usually it is autoimmune, mostly thyroid disease is. Make sure you have a fine needle biopsy, under ultra sound, by a radiologist. Only way to be sure what it is but usually benign.

    best wishes,


  • Thanks Lare73 & Jackie, you have been most helpful. I'm actually delighted (yes I know maybe the wrong words) that something has been found. My GP was rubbish...all my bloods came back clear therefore I didn't have anything!!! Will keep you posted...on my blog on here.

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