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Good Afternoon all,

I have just got confirmation that I have a cyst on my thyroid, previous to this I thought my thyroid had gone underactive. Symptoms includes going from insomia to sleepng anything from 8 to 16hrs. General tiedness, no energy, Pains that start in my knees, next day, ankles, next day shoulder. My throat feels sore and like theres a lump in it. All my bloods have come back all normal. I'm going to see the Specialist next Tuesday re the cyst and I will keep you informed as to what is happening. I would like to know if anybody else has had the same sort of thing and I'm not really imaging these...I know the pain is real (ouch!!! :-0 ) and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

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I also found out image a cyst on the left lobe, but as its small (under 5mm) I was told there would be no further action... Seeing a private endo in a week or so, will see what he says.

I have a hoarse voice and discomfort when swallowing, exactly where the cyst is located, but they said it can't be causing my symptoms. I asked whether a cyst could fill and empty? The answer was 'don't know'.

Hope you get yours sorted out, I was told if t was bigger they would do a fine neede aspiration to send to be tested.

Best wishes x


Hi If it was me for the reason below, just in case, I would insist on a biopsy, not a big procedure. I have nodules etc but not able to have biopsies, or treatment any way due to other conditions. My private Endo said that for other people very important. I cannot help thinking some one, some where is trying to save money. If it is a problem , better to know when tiny than later.

Best wishes,



Hi You can still be Hypo or Hyper with cysts, nodules etc., usually it is autoimmune, mostly thyroid disease is. Make sure you have a fine needle biopsy, under ultra sound, by a radiologist. Only way to be sure what it is but usually benign.

best wishes,



Thanks Lare73 & Jackie, you have been most helpful. I'm actually delighted (yes I know maybe the wrong words) that something has been found. My GP was rubbish...all my bloods came back clear therefore I didn't have anything!!! Will keep you posted...on my blog on here.


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